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Bullying not problem at school where two students died by suicide, Catholic board says

Bullying does not appear to have been a factor in two recent suicides by students at St. Thomas More Junior High School, the Catholic school board says.

Age of Anxiety: Speaking up and sharing the struggle helps

Youth anxiety is on the rise, but those affected by it say there is hope, and ways to manage it.
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Separation anxiety affects children from toddler age to teens, says clinical counsellor

Clinical counsellor Deborah MacNamera says both a lack of connection and a fear of separation drives anxiety in youth of all ages. But there are steps that parents can take to help their kids

Age of Anxiety: An honest look at youth fears

This CBC event feature three young adults and medical experts sharing their experiences with anxiety.

Age of Anxiety: Peer mentoring project tackles teen anxiety

Young people who struggle with anxiety and depression on the North Shore have a new resources to turn for help — two teenage mentors who have faced the same reality, and figured out a way to cope.

Age of Anxiety: coping with the stress of social media

The prevalence of social media is raising the anxiety levels of youths, says one Vancouver psychologist, but now there's an app to help teens cope.

Age of Anxiety: Chilliwack alternative school pilots new program to help anxious students

Some students at C.H.A.N.C.E Shxwetetilthet Alternate school are too anxious to ride the bus or attend school.

Age of Anxiety: Singer-songwriter Ria Jade, 18, fights worry with music

Jade and her mother are panelists at the Age of Anxiety event at CBC Vancouver on Oct. 3

Age of Anxiety: Health anxiety, or hypochondria, challenges young B.C. man

Heinrich Schoeman, who experiences health anxiety, will be speaking at the Age of Anxiety event at CBC Vancouver on Oct. 3

Age of Anxiety: Former NCAA player Jared Casey speaks out about struggle

For Maple Ridge's Jared Casey, the intense sporting environment of NCAA college basketball was impacting his mental health.

Age of Anxiety: CBC Vancouver event takes honest look at youth fears

Oct. 3 event will feature a former NCAA basketball player, an up-and-coming singer-songwriter, and a B.C. businessman sharing their personal stories of anxiety.

CBC Vancouver's Inspiration Series: Age of Anxiety

CBC Vancouver’s Inspiration Series is a collection of intimate and targeted discussions celebrating people that inspire Vancouverites. These gatherings serve to lift our community and inspire new ideas and perspectives.