B.C. oil spill response times 'a huge risk,' say environmentalists

Despite assurances from Canada's minister of transport that Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline is safe, environmentalists in B.C. fear the expansion is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Coast Guard responds to fuel spill near Vancouver's False Creek

The Canadian Coast Guard is responding to a diesel spill at the entrance of False Creek, west of the Burrard Bridge, on Tuesday evening.

Vancouver oil spill review makes 25 recommendations

The review into the April oil spill that spread from English Bay was released today.

Fuel spill in Vancouver's False Creek triggers cleanup

Coast guard officials now say as much as 5,000 litres of diesel fuel may have spilled into the water near Fisherman's Wharf in Vancouver's False Creek on Sunday night.

Kinder Morgan pipeline spill could cost Vancouver $1.2 billion

A major oil spill caused by Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline expansion could cost Vancouver's economy up to $1.2 billion.

Vancouver oil spill risk heightened due to refuelling changes, expert says

A Vancouver researcher is raising concerns about the risk of ship-to-ship refuelling in English Bay following a bunker fuel spill in the area last month.

Vancouver oil spill report predicts dire consequences for Burrard Inlet

An oil spill near the Lions Gate Bridge would pollute the shoreline all along the Burrard Inlet within a matter of hours, new computer modelling has found.

Vancouver oil spill response 'embarrassing,' says international expert

The response to the English Bay oil spill was "very disappointing" says ecosystem expert Anita Burke, who is calling for Kitsilano Coast Guard station to be re-opened.

Dramatic photos of Vancouver oil spill spark pipeline outrage on social media

As striking photos of the oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay spread on social media Thursday, many voiced concerns that the sight of fuel on water will become common if B.C. becomes home to more oil pipelines.

Vancouver oil spill source, composition and size unconfirmed, says coast guard

Vancouver's beaches have been made no-go areas after toxic fuel leaked into the waters of English Bay on Wednesday afternoon.

Toxic fuel spill in English Bay is wake-up call for port, says marine expert

Critics of oil pipeline expansion say the response to a fuel spill on Vancouver's English Bay proves Canada's busiest port isn't ready for major tanker traffic.

Vancouver oil spill reaches West Vancouver's Sandy Cove

Canadian Coast Guard officials said Thursday the estimated size of an oil spill in English Bay had nearly doubled from 1,400 litres to 2,700 litres, or more than two metric tonnes.

Vancouver oil spill: Part of Stanley Park seawall, English Bay closed for cleanup

Efforts to clean up an oil spill in Vancouver will shift to the shoreline following reports part of the slick had reached beaches in West Vancouver.


Oil spill response by coast guard blasted by Vancouver mayor, B.C. premier

B.C. Premier Christy Clark has blasted the federal government response to Wednesday's oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay, saying it may be time to hand over responsibility to the province.

Vancouver oil spill could have far reaching impacts: expert

An oil spill off Vancouver's English Bay may be mostly contained, but a fisheries expert warns the economic and environmental consequences may be more far reaching than expected.



Vancouver oil spill witness, Rob O'Dea, tells of 'fist-sized black globules'

Rob O'Dea was one of the first witnesses to Vancouver oil spill. Watch his interview on what he saw the day of the spill as well as the reaction of authorities and the crew on the grain ship.

Greg Rickford pushes back following B.C. premier's spill response criticism

Under intense criticism from the B.C. premier for what she called the "totally unacceptable" federal response to the toxic spill in Vancouver's English Bay, the government's Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford responded by calling Premier Christy Clark's response "premature."

West Coast Reduction charged in 2013 Burrard Inlet canola oil spill

As politicians argue over the response to an oil spill in English Bay, charges have been filed against a firm accused of spilling two tonnes of canola oil into Burrard Inlet in 2013.

Legally, oil spill response appropriate: maritime lawyer

There have been a lot of questions about the official response to Wednesday's oil spill and a legal expert says that legally, the response unfolded exactly as it should have.

Vancouver oil spill: Kits base would have had faster response, says former officer

A former Canadian Coast Guard captain says if the Kitsilano Coast Guard base was still operational, it would have been able to respond with pollution equipment within minutes of learning of the oil spill in English Bay.

Greg Rickford defends federal response to English Bay spill

Under intense criticism from the Premier of British Columbia for what she called the "totally unacceptable" federal response to the toxic spill in Vancouver's English Bay, the government's Natural Resources Minister Greg Rickford responded by calling Premier Clark's response "premature." Rickford also says the spill shouldn't affect the ongoing debate over pipelines.

Vancouver oil spill affects at least 30 birds

In its latest public update, the Canadian Coast Guard says there are approximately 10 litres of bunker fuel left in English Bay after an estimated spill of 2,800 litres Wednesday.

Vancouver oil spill: Coast guard fires back at criticism of response

The Canadian Coast Guard is continuing to defend its response to the oil spill in Vancouver's English Bay last Wednesday, despite criticism from city and provincial officials.

Vancouver oil spill stops recreational shellfish and groundfish fishing

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has closed Burrard Inlet in Vancouver to all fishing for shellfish and groundfish, due to the oil spill in English Bay last week.

Vancouver oil spill: Squamish Nation demands 'priority' role in future response

The Squamish Nation says it should have be notified much earlier after the bunker fuel spill in English Bay April 8 and is now demanding that the nation play a "priority-one role" in any oil spill response regime.