Here are the candidates for Vancouver mayor and council

Election day is Oct. 15, with advanced voting days on Oct. 1, 5, 8, 11 and 13.

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: OneCity

OneCity housing platform is a proposal for more density and services across the city, allowing rental buildings of up to six storeys on all streets.

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: Vision Vancouver

The political party that dominated Vancouver politics for a decade is hoping voters feel the current group at city hall lacks a certain, shall we say, vision. 

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: COPE

Founded in 1968, the Coalition of Progressive Electors competes with Vision Vancouver, the Greens, OneCity, Forward Vancouver and VOTE Socialist for votes on the left side of the city’s political spectrum. 

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: The Non-Partisan Association, led by Fred Harding

In a 13-minute interview on the Granville strip, chosen by Vancouver mayoral candidate Fred Harding due to a recent machete attack in the area, he says the word "crisis" 16 times and "leadership" 14 times. 

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: Greens

They have the most school and park board seats and hold the balance of power at city council. But in 2022, the Vancouver Green Party is again running no mayoral candidate, and not aiming for a majority of council, school or park board seats.

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: ABC Vancouver, led by Ken Sim

It's the only party hoping to have more than 70 per cent of council and park board seats, more than any other party right now and enough to fully control city hall after four years of a minority council.   
Platform Tracker

Compare Vancouver's mayoral candidates on these top election issues

Follow our platform tracker to learn about the policies and promises of the five parties with mayoral candidates.

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: Forward Together, led by Kennedy Stewart

Running for re-election as mayor of Vancouver, Stewart acknowledges a level of frustration towards city hall, particularly around issues of housing affordability and homelessness. 

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: TEAM Vancouver, led by Colleen Hardwick

Given Colleen Hardwick's opposition to Vancouver's agenda over the past four years, some have argued her campaign for mayor is rooted in nostalgia for the city's past. It's a characterization she fiercely rejects. 

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: Progress Vancouver, led by Mark Marissen

What would progress in Vancouver look like under Progress Vancouver?

Profiling Vancouver's political parties: VOTE Socialist

With only one candidate for council, school board and park board each, they have the fewest candidates of the 10 political parties in Vancouver — but the smallest party is arguing for the biggest changes to society.