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Poll finds more transit funding unpopular whatever the source

The Insights West poll found that at least two thirds of respondents oppose increasing property taxes, increasing fuel taxes, tolling roads or increasing transit fares to pay for new transit projects. So is there any other way to get new funding?

Transit referendum reaction mixed

Metro Vancouver residents overwhelmingly voted no in the transit referendum, but opinion on it is still very mixed.

Transit referendum: Who will pay for transportation improvements now?

Everyone seems to want more transit, but can't agree on how to pay for it. From road pricing to crowdfunding to an Ottawa bailout, here's what's being floated now.

Transit referendum: How did your city vote?

Metro Vancouver has voted a resounding no in the transit plebiscite. Click through the interactive to see how the results broke down by each of the 23 municipalities that voted in the referendum.

Transit referendum: Voters say No to new Metro Vancouver tax, transit improvements

Metro Vancouverites have voted No in a plebiscite that could determine the future of transit and transportation across the region over the next decade.

TransLink 'better' at dealing with system shutdown chaos, says board vice chair

TransLink's annual general meeting revealed no hints about the transit vote, but its board vice chair says they are getting better at dealing with system shutdown chaos.

Transit referendum: Last chance to vote today

It's the final countdown for Metro Vancouver transit referendum voters, who have until 8 p.m. PT Friday to submit their completed ballots.

Transit referendum deadline approaches as mayors make final push for votes

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and Maple Ridge Mayor Nicole Read face off, as 'Yes' and 'No' sides try to rally votes before the transit referendum deadline on May 29.

Transit plebiscite: If history any indication, many ballots cast last minute

The last time B.C. had a referendum, most of the votes didn’t show up until late in the campaign.

Doug Allen pleased with TransLink response to Skytrain delays

It was another bad day for Translink, but interim CEO Doug Allen is happy with the rate of response.

Metro Vancouver transit referendum: Last day to get ballots

Metro Vancouverites have until midnight on Friday to request a voting package for the upcoming transportation and transit plebiscite.

Transit referendum deadline nears for requesting ballots

The deadline to vote in Metro Vancouver's transit plebiscite is more than two weeks away, but voters still looking for a ballot only have a few days left to request one.

Transit referendum No-side crowdfunds to fly banner over city

The upcoming transit referendum's No side quickly raised money Friday to fly a "Vote No to TransLink tax" banner advertising over the city for several hours.

Transit referendum voter turnout rising south of the Fraser

One in five registered voters have now cast a ballot in the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite, with turnout south of the Fraser rising by 72 per cent in the past week.

Transit referendum: 15 per cent ballots in with Vancouver dominating turnout

Vancouver voters continue to dominate turnout in the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite, with nearly a quarter of eligible voters in that city casting ballots already.

Transit referendum: Which municipality has the highest voter turnout?

Check in with to get updates on this map weekly that shows how many ballots have been mailed into Elections B.C. and the final results when they're released in June.

Transit referendum ballots ending up in apartment recycling bins

Concerns are being raised about the number of transit referendum ballots that are ending up in recycling bins in some Metro Vancouver apartment mail rooms.

Transit referendum: Is TransLink really wasting taxpayers' money?

Since the day the Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite was announced, TransLink has been attacked for wasting taxpayers' money, but do the numbers really back that up?

Transit referendum: UBC's A Cappella club hits the Yes note

Members of UBC's A Cappella club have lent their voices to the Yes side in Metro Vancouver's transit referendum.

B.C. Liberals pledge $2.5B for highway improvements, for new bike lanes

The B.C. government has committed $2.5 billion to resurface provincial highways and another $18 million to build new bike lanes and trails over the next three years.

Transit referendum critic calls Yes campaign 'vicious & personal'

An outspoken opponent of the proposed Metro Vancouver Congestion Improvement Tax says his biggest criticism of the Yes campaign is that it's become "very vicious and personal."

Voting begins in Metro Vancouver transit referendum

Three months after a plebiscite was approved for a new transit tax for Metro Vancouver, residents will finally get their ballots so they can begin voting Yes or No this week.

Transit referendum 'No Transit Tax' side posts $27K donor list

The campaign against the forthcoming Metro Vancouver transit plebiscite has released details of their financial backers — and are calling on the "Yes" campaign to do the same.

Transit referendum Q&A special

Mayors backing Yes and No votes answer your questions about transit tax

Transit referendum: good politics but bad governance?

The upcoming transit referendum in Metro Vancouver is a political plan, not a way to make transportation decisions for the good of our region, says a professor at Simon Fraser University.

Transit referendum: Metro Vancouver police and fire chiefs support Yes side

First responders from across Metro Vancouver spoke in favour of a "Yes" vote in the transit referendum, saying it would mean faster response times and less drunk driving.

Translink SkyTrain control centre: behind the scenes

This week On the Coast is focusing on transit and transportation, so host Stephen Quinn thought he should learn a little more about how the system works by visiting the Skytrain control centre in Burnaby.

Metro Vancouver transit referendum: Hear from Yes/No side mayors

Whatever side you're on, the Metro Vancouver transit referendum is the big issue in the Lower Mainland right now.

TransLink bus 'fare not paid' button pushed nearly 3 million times in 2014

Bus drivers in Metro Vancouver pushed the 'fare not paid' button 2,950,944 times last year. That's up from 2013, but still not a large per cent of boardings.

Transit referendum: It could be about something much bigger than a tax increase

Transit advocate fears Canadian Taxpayers' Federation is on the verge of convincing green-loving, transit-riding Vancouverites to vote against their best interests.

Debating the Metro Vancouver transit referendum: CBC On The Coast

CBC Radio's On The Coast is hosting a live debate to delve into the arguments for and against the transit referendum

How to vote in Metro Vancouver's transit referendum

Next week, voters will start receiving their ballots for the upcoming Metro Vancouver transit referendum asking whether they support a 0.5 per cent sales tax to go towards transit improvements in the region.

C.D. Howe estimates congestion costs Metro Vancouver up to $1.2B in hidden costs

Congestion in Metro Vancouver has a hidden cost of anywhere from $500-million to $1.2-billion according to a new study from Clean Energy Canada and non-partisan think-tank the C.D. Howe Institute.

Gordon Price, Modacity, release new video supporting transit referendum

SFU City Program Director Gordon Price is featured in a new video outlining the importance of expanding transit in Metro Vancouver.

Jim Pattison's transit tax committee will provide yearly audit: Greg Moore

Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore explains what role billionaire Jim Pattison will have in overseeing new revenue, should the tranist referendum succeed.

Jim Pattison to monitor TransLink transit tax spending if referendum passes

One of the richest men in Canada will lead a panel to oversee how TransLink spends the new Metro Vancouver transit tax, if the yes side wins the upcoming referendum.

Commuting in Metro Vancouver: on transit from Port Coquitlam to UBC

As the transit referendum quickly approaches, The Early Edition's Jeremy Allingham is testing the morning transit commute. Today he travels from Port Coquitlam to UBC.

CEO Doug Allen says TransLink needs to improve relationship with riders, media

In the lead-up to a regional referendum on transit funding in the Lower Mainland, the new interim CEO of TransLink is trying to change public perception of the transit authority.

Transit referendum: Port Metro Vancouver joins Yes side

Port Metro Vancouver says it will support the Yes side in the upcoming transit referendum because an enhanced transit system will cut down on congestion and make it easier to move goods.

TransLink referendum: No side gaining momentum says survey

A new survey shows that more than half of Metro Vancouverites would likely vote No when asked if they support a tax increase to fund regional transit. It's a reversal from December when 52 per cent said they'd vote Yes. Now many respondents say they've lost faith in Translink.

Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum: lessons learned from Denver

The Denver Regional Transportation District says it has lessons to impart to Metro Vancouver about its transit referendum.

TransLink CEO Doug Allen promises better transit signage, escalators

TransLink's new interim CEO Doug Allen says he will improve Metro Vancouver transit services while finding more efficiencies in the system.

Marcella Szel, TransLink board chair, defends paying two CEO salaries

Marcella Szel, the chair of TransLink's board of directors, is defending the move to hire a new CEO while continuing to pay the former one.

Transit referendum: Canadian Federation of Independent Business members plan to vote no

A local chapter of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business says its members overwhelmingly plan to vote "no" on the upcoming transportation referendum.

TransLink CEO Ian Jarvis stepping down

TransLink announced at a hastily-called news conference Wednesday afternoon its CEO Ian Jarvis is stepping down.

Metro Vancouver transit tax: 6 mayors endorse yes vote

Several Metro Vancouver mayors voiced their support for a yes vote in upcoming transit referendum, on Monday morning at Vancouver's Waterfront Station.

Transit referendum question to be finalized by Metro Vancouver mayors

There will be seven new faces around the table when the Metro Vancouver mayors meet today for the first time since last month's municipal elections to finalize the transit referendum question.