'Heat officer' at TED conference outlines desperate need for cities to cope with rising temperatures

At the TED 2022 conference in Vancouver on Wednesday, Europe's first ever official to be appointed to help her city deal with rising temperatures due to climate change outlined the steps needed to safeguard residents from what she calls the deadliest consequence of climate change.

Capturing carbon and the cold from outer space: TED speakers explore how to save the planet

Capturing CO2 emissions to combat climate change and using the cold from outer space to cool the Earth are some of the ideas at this year's TED conference.

Talk of Facebook and perils of technology loom large at 2018 TED conference

Chatter about the perils of technology has loomed large in the hallways and stages of the TED conference in Vancouver this week, as Facebook's CEO faces U.S. hearings

'Absolutely critical' that scientists can speak freely, federal minister says in TED talk

Canada’s Science Minister Kirsty Duncan used her time on the TED Talk stage in Vancouver to highlight her government’s record on science and blasted those she accused of silencing researchers.

Play first: OK Go shares creative tactic behind crazy videos

If you're one of the tens of millions who has watched the band OK Go's elaborate music videos, you've probably wondered how they pulled them off. The answer? Play first.

TED talker Shah Rukh Khan lights up social media

With a fan base in the hundreds of millions Shah Rukh Khan is the most famous speaker appearing at Vancouver TED Talks.

Pope urges powerful to put people ahead of products in surprise TED Talk

Pope Francis made a surprise video address to the TED Conference in Vancouver, calling on the powerful to exhibit more solidarity, humility and tenderness toward others.

Serena Williams talks pregnancy, future of tennis career at TED Talks in Vancouver

The 23-time Grand Slam winner touched on her pregnancy, fiancé and career at TED2017 in Vancouver.

How not to give a TED Talk: Advice from the head of TED

As the TED Talks once again bring 'thought leaders' to Vancouver, the head of TED deconstructs the best and worst of public speaking in the viral video age.

Serena Williams, Elon Musk to speak at 2017 TED Talks in Vancouver

It's that time of year again, when wealthy philomaths from around the globe flock to Vancouver for the week-long festival of ideas known as TED Talks.

Al Gore says 'we will prevail' in fight against climate change

Al Gore is bullish on the future of humanity and our ability to confront climate change, telling the TED conference in Vancouver, "We are going to win this. We will prevail."

Ottawa 'biohacker' Andrew Pelling wows TED crowd with an apple ear

The grocery store is not generally where you buy supplies to regenerate body parts. But Andrew Pelling used an apple from Loblaws to grow a human ear, sort of.

TED 2016: Virtual and augmented reality steal the show

The era of computer screens is ending, the TED Talks heard today, with virtual and augmented reality wowing the crowds with non-gaming applications.

Shonda Rhimes, Al Gore headline 2016 TED Conference in Vancouver

Ten years since TED's first videos went viral, the conference is still selling out, and the speakers — including Shonda Rhimes and Al Gore this year — still get people talking.

Shonda Rhimes: Saying yes to play saved me

"What do you do when the work you love tastes like dust?" asked Shonda Rhimes in her TED Talk Monday. You start by saying yes to play.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick uses TED stage to slam regulations

Travis Kalanick spoke on Tuesday at the TED 2016 conference in Vancouver — where the ride-hailing app tried to set up shop, but had to close.

Blind astrophysicist listens to the stars by turning data into sound

A blind astrophysicist uses data to hear stars — and argues the technique can open our ears to new discoveries.

TED Conference 2015 highlights

CBC story producer Jodie Martinsen watched the better part of 90 TED Talks in Vancouver. It's the second year they've been in B.C., and it is a dizzying experience.


Monica Lewinsky says cyberbullying almost drove her to suicide

Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky told the TED conference in Vancouver today that it was time for her to speak up and stop "tiptoeing" around her past.

TED conference coach Gina Barnett offers public speaking tips

When TED presenters get on stage, they aren't alone.

Monica Lewinsky headlines TED 2015 Conference in Vancouver

This year, the theme is Truth and Dare, the idea being that the most important truths are not always obvious and that it takes someone daring to expose them.



Chris Hadfield at Vancouver TED Talks

The former Canadian astronaut will speak about overcoming fear

TEDTalks picks Vancouver for 2014 conference

One of the world's most popular intellectual conferences will be held in Vancouver next year, the TEDTalks organization announced on Monday morning.