Podcasts that inspire with the head of TED, Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson – entrepreneur, author, and the head of TED – joins us this week as a guest curator.

Al Gore says 'we will prevail' in fight against climate change

Al Gore is bullish on the future of humanity and our ability to confront climate change, telling the TED conference in Vancouver, "We are going to win this. We will prevail."

TED 2016: 'There must be another way' to solve world's problems

From the crushing lives of refugees to the global tragedy of infant mortality, the TED conference wrapped in Vancouver with a chorus of calls for a change of thinking on the problems facing the world.

Ottawa 'biohacker' Andrew Pelling wows TED crowd with an apple ear

The grocery store is not generally where you buy supplies to regenerate body parts. But Andrew Pelling used an apple from Loblaws to grow a human ear, sort of.

TED 2016: Virtual and augmented reality steal the show

The era of computer screens is ending, the TED Talks heard today, with virtual and augmented reality wowing the crowds with non-gaming applications.

Shonda Rhimes, Al Gore headline 2016 TED Conference in Vancouver

Ten years since TED's first videos went viral, the conference is still selling out, and the speakers — including Shonda Rhimes and Al Gore this year — still get people talking.

Shonda Rhimes: Saying yes to play saved me

"What do you do when the work you love tastes like dust?" asked Shonda Rhimes in her TED Talk Monday. You start by saying yes to play.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick uses TED stage to slam regulations

Travis Kalanick spoke on Tuesday at the TED 2016 conference in Vancouver — where the ride-hailing app tried to set up shop, but had to close.