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Our cities will keep flooding. What if we stopped fighting it and worked with nature instead?

Learning to live with fluctuating rivers could be better for ourselves and our environment, writes Uytae Lee, who explores solutions to flooding in the final episode of 'Stories About Here' on CBC Gem.
Six Months Later

B.C. flood victims left high and dry as backlog of aid requests clogs approval queue

Six months after floodwaters destroyed much of Abbotsford's Sumas Prairie, farmers, local residents and the community continue to recover, inch by inch, acre by acre. Although for some, a lack of financial support has made it a challenge.

6 months after historic floods, some British Columbians still don't have a home

Six months after floods devastated communities in B.C., some British Columbians are still waiting for answers and struggling to find affordable long-term housing.

6 months after the floods, many Merritt mobile home residents still face an uncertain future

The City of Merritt has received provincial funding to help mitigate flood hazards from the Coldwater River, but many residents in a mobile home park near the river say it's not enough.

Hundreds in B.C. are still in urgent need of flood relief, community volunteers say

The need for donations is far from over in the wake of one of B.C.'s most devastating natural disasters, relief organizers say.



B.C. agriculture minister visits a blueberry farm

CBC News Vancouver host Anita Bathe chats with Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Lana Popham about government support for farmers who suffered losses during B.C.'s floods.

Migrant Workers in Sumas Prairies

The conditions for many migrant workers have been dire in recent months. Severe heat- overcrowding during Covid and then the floods. We check in with Claudia Stoehr and Sarbjit Gill who work for Archway Community Services, a migrant support group, about how reintegration into Fraser Valley farms is going for those who work in the fields.

Johanna Wagstaffe Live On Location

CBC Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe talks about the cold weather and the impact on farmers.

Neighbours Coming To Help After the Floods

The Abbotsford community stepped up in the aftermath of the devastating floods six months ago. Victoria Kuit and Jimi Meier are among those who opened up their homes and their hearts to their neighbors.

CBC's Anita Bathe on Government Supports for Farmers

Host of CBC Vancouver news at 6 Anita Bathe has been speaking to farmers in the Sumas Prairies who are still rebuilding. She also spoke with BC Agriculture Minister Lana Popham.

Ripples Winery Rebuilding After the Floods

Flood waters ripped through Ripples Winery last November. Now the Abbotsford destination farm has finally re-opened but there's still work to be done. CBC's Margaret Gallagher talks with co-owner Caroline Mostertman.

Some Sumas Prairies Still Haven't Returned Home

Sumas Prairies was one of the hardest hit areas in the November floods. Residents and farmers fled with no idea of when they would be able to return. While many have moved back, almost 200 people are still out of their homes. John Jongeman is one of them.

CBC's Brady Strachan on Recovery Efforts in Merritt

Six months after catastrophic flooding in Merritt, some homeowners are living in limbo and wondering if they will ever be allowed to return home. CBC's Brady Strachan brings us their story.

Indigenous Knowledge of Sumas Prairie

Before Sumas Prairie, there was Sumas Lake. Sumas First Nation Councillor and author, Chris Silver, talks about how Indigenous geographical knowledge can inform the way we prepare for future floods.

Chilliwack Dyke

CBC's Margaret Gallagher takes us out to Chilliwack for an update on the spring flood outlook from the engineer Frank Van Nynatten who is in charge of monitoring the waters.

CBC's Baneet Braich on Where the Community is At

Hundreds of people have still not returned to their homes 6 months after floodwater destroyed many properties. CBC reporter Baneet Braich brings us their stories.

Live Music with Greg Neufeld

Abbotsford born musician Greg Neufeld is back with another live performance in honour of the communities here in the Fraser Valley.

Upper Sumas Elementary School

During the floods in November, Upper Sumas Elementary School was under three feet of water. Principal Abby Chan shares what it took for the school to re-open again.

Musician Greg Neufeld

Local musician Greg Neufeld is a former Canadian Idol finalist and he's well known around Abbotsford for his music but also for his support of the community especially during the floods. He shares his thoughts about the past six months and plays a song.

Sumas resident on government supports

Sumas Prairie residents are concerned that government supports won't go far enough to rebuild including Bill Betts.

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