B.C. Liberals drop referendum requirement for new transit funding

Sam Sullivan, the new B.C. minister responsible for TransLink, says if Metro Vancouver mayors want a new transit funding mechanism like a regional sales tax, a referendum will no longer be required. It's a sharp break from previous Liberal Party policy.

Transit referendum: good politics but bad governance?

The upcoming transit referendum in Metro Vancouver is a political plan, not a way to make transportation decisions for the good of our region, says a professor at Simon Fraser University.

Jim Pattison to monitor TransLink transit tax spending if referendum passes

One of the richest men in Canada will lead a panel to oversee how TransLink spends the new Metro Vancouver transit tax, if the yes side wins the upcoming referendum.

Jim Pattison's transit tax committee will provide yearly audit: Greg Moore

Port Coquitlam Mayor Greg Moore explains what role billionaire Jim Pattison will have in overseeing new revenue, should the tranist referendum succeed.

Translink SkyTrain control centre: behind the scenes

This week On the Coast is focusing on transit and transportation, so host Stephen Quinn thought he should learn a little more about how the system works by visiting the Skytrain control centre in Burnaby.

Metro Vancouver transit tax: 6 mayors endorse yes vote

Several Metro Vancouver mayors voiced their support for a yes vote in upcoming transit referendum, on Monday morning at Vancouver's Waterfront Station.

Metro Vancouver Transit Referendum: lessons learned from Denver

The Denver Regional Transportation District says it has lessons to impart to Metro Vancouver about its transit referendum.

CEO Doug Allen says TransLink needs to improve relationship with riders, media

In the lead-up to a regional referendum on transit funding in the Lower Mainland, the new interim CEO of TransLink is trying to change public perception of the transit authority.

Gordon Price, Modacity, release new video supporting transit referendum

SFU City Program Director Gordon Price is featured in a new video outlining the importance of expanding transit in Metro Vancouver.

C.D. Howe estimates congestion costs Metro Vancouver up to $1.2B in hidden costs

Congestion in Metro Vancouver has a hidden cost of anywhere from $500-million to $1.2-billion according to a new study from Clean Energy Canada and non-partisan think-tank the C.D. Howe Institute.

How to vote in Metro Vancouver's transit referendum

Next week, voters will start receiving their ballots for the upcoming Metro Vancouver transit referendum asking whether they support a 0.5 per cent sales tax to go towards transit improvements in the region.

Debating the Metro Vancouver transit referendum: CBC On The Coast

CBC Radio's On The Coast is hosting a live debate to delve into the arguments for and against the transit referendum

TransLink bus 'fare not paid' button pushed nearly 3 million times in 2014

Bus drivers in Metro Vancouver pushed the 'fare not paid' button 2,950,944 times last year. That's up from 2013, but still not a large per cent of boardings.

Transit referendum: Metro Vancouver police and fire chiefs support Yes side

First responders from across Metro Vancouver spoke in favour of a "Yes" vote in the transit referendum, saying it would mean faster response times and less drunk driving.

PST hike of 0.5% proposed for Metro Vancouver transit referendum

Metro Vancouver residents could be asked to vote on a 0.5 per cent hike in the Provincial Sales Tax to fund new transit projects, during a referendum next year.

TransLink referendum approved by B.C. government

The B.C. government has given a green light to the Metro Vancouver transit tax referendum, but only after renaming the proposed sales tax.

TransLink tax 'Yes' campaign launched as Gregor Robertson takes lead

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson will lead the campaign to push through a proposed new congestion tax intended to fund expansion of TransLink services in Greater Vancouver.

West Vancouver Mayor Michael Smith says vote no in transit referendum

The mayor of West Vancouver has come out swinging against the proposed transit tax for Metro Vancouver, saying government does not have the right to ask citizens to pay more in taxes unless it can assure them that their money will be well spent.

Dr. Patricia Daly urges 'yes' vote in transit referendum

Vancouver Coastal Health's chief medical health officer is urging resident to vote yet to a new 0.5 per cent regional tax to fund a list of Lower Mainland transportation projects — saying strong public transit has a direct link to better public health.

Metro Vancouver transit tax would raise local provincial sales tax

British Columbia's Minister of Transportation has confirmed that a proposed Metro Vancouver transit tax would be added to the provincial sales tax on receipts in the Lower Mainland.