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CBC Vancouver Original Podcast: Fault Lines

Are we ready for “The Big One”? Available now, CBC Vancouver’s podcast series Fault Lines explores the potentially devastating effects of a massive magnitude earthquake predicted to hit the West Coast of North America.

Is B.C.'s government ready for an earthquake?

After a 2014 report from B.C.'s auditor general that declared the province was not adequately prepared for a catastrophic earthquake, the province says it is now attempting to remedy the situation.

'There was no power, and then it just hit': Christchurch earthquake survivor shares her story

Sarah Barr survived the Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquake in September 2010. In an interview with CBC seismologist Johanna Wagstaffe, she recounts the night it hit and the months of aftershocks that followed.

How to survive a catastrophic earthquake in B.C.

Provincial emergency response plans are still in their infancy, so when the big one strikes, British Columbians need to be prepared to survive on their own for at least a week, if not longer. Here's how to do it.

B.C. not using earthquake warning technology, say engineers

Early earthquake detection technology can be one of the most effective tools in emergency preparedness. And it's being developed right here in BC. But engineers say the province is putting lives at risk by not doing enough to get the technology into our public buildings and infrastructure.