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Remembering the Black Friday tornado

Today marks the 33rd anniversary of Black Friday, when a devastating tornado ripped through Edmonton.

Is Amazon a dangerous place to work? | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

A new investigation by Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting found that Amazon’s warehouses were rated as one of the most dangerous places to work in America. Amazon did not respond to our request for a comment, but told Fox Business that it’s "inaccurate to say that Amazon fulfilment centres are unsafe and efforts to paint our workplace as such based solely on the number of injury recordings is misleading given the size of our workforce."

Record telecom complaints, responsible shopping, MEC loses $11M | Business Panel

Our weekend business panel discusses a new report suggesting the number of customer complaints about Canadian telecom companies has hit a record high. We also discuss protests staged by climate activists on Black Friday and the financial difficulties facing Canadian outdoor gear retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op.

2 Vancouver climate protests create spectacle during Black Friday rush

A flashmob of about 200 protesters spilled out of a downtown Vancouver mall and erupted into a dance party on Granville Street between Georgia and Dunsmuir amid Friday afternoon rush hour traffic and Black Friday shoppers.

Young environmentalist gives politicians advice

Maysam Horriat, 10, was part of a march and round dance for climate action at Polo Park on Black Friday.

Eco gifting might be for you if you are concerned about the environmental impact of all that Christmas shoppingristmas

Black Friday is here and Christmas is fast approaching. Retailers wanting you to shop! shop! shop! But some people are starting to think about all the waste that produces. Eco gifting can be a more environmentally friendly way to deal with Christmas. Rebecca Danard of Re-Think Green in Sudbury has some suggestions that might help make your holidays greener.

'This is our Super Bowl': Winnipeg company makes Cyber Monday sales run smoothly for 100,000 clients

The Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday have all hands on deck at a Winnipeg technology company that provides e-commerce software to clients worldwide, including Ellen Degeneres and Saks Fifth Avenue.

How some online shopping habits are terrible for the environment

What can be a convenient click away could drastically expand the carbon footprint of an online sale.

Outdoors store closes on Black Friday so staff can volunteer at homeless shelter

Black Friday is a huge opportunity for retailers to lure in droves of shoppers looking to spend — so why, then, did one Winnipeg store close its doors on such a potentially lucrative day?

Black Friday shoppers get out early for deals in Winnipeg

Early-rising shoppers lined up on a relatively mild morning in Winnipeg to take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Bright deals on Black Friday bring early morning shoppers to N.L. stores

"I can't wait to sleep," said a smiling man with a massive television set.

Black Friday bargains?

Many Winnipeggers were up well before the sun, scooping Black Friday deals at stores around the city.

Black Friday bargains bring out swarms of early shoppers

Many Winnipeggers were up well before the sun, scooping Black Friday deals at stores around the city.

Hot seller

Dianne Buckner reports on a Canadian innovation poised to be a top seller during Amazon's Black Friday sales event

Is Boxing Day still worth it? Some bargain hunters say Black Friday has better deals

Shopping on Boxing Day is still a Canadian tradition but industry watchers say some retailers are shifting its focus by also offering sweet deals on Black Friday.

Boxing Day losing its lustre?

Black Friday is now bigger than Boxing Day, retail analyst says

Black Friday shopping

Renee Filippone reports on the annual shopping extravaganza

Black Friday deals give early start to Christmas shopping

Black Friday sales could amount to as much as 20 per cent of one Sudbury retailer's Christmas business this year.

Black Friday no holiday for small retailers, bookseller says

Black Friday isn't a holiday in Canada, but shoppers with a day off work or a few minutes to spare can find some of the best deals of the year. But small, independent retailers can find it difficult to compete against massive deals offered by big stores.

Shopping online this week? Quebecers have mixed feelings about it

​Many Quebecers will be heading across the border on Black Friday, to cash in on the shopping frenzy. But many others are content to shop from their home computer — a trend that is getting a mixed reaction from merchants and shoppers.

Boxing Day frenzy

Canadian shoppers cash in on Boxing Day bargains, online and in stores

3 pedestrians struck within 30 minutes of each other on rainy Friday evening

Ottawa paramedics say three pedestrians were struck in three different parts of the city within 30 minutes of each other Friday evening.

Black Friday shoppers flood into stores across Edmonton

The annual tsunami known as Black Friday has hit shopping malls across Edmonton. Waves of consumers have flooded into stores to find the best bargains.

Black Friday in Nova Scotia compared to what it's been like in the U.S.

A look at what Black Friday is like in Nova Scotia for shoppers compared to the U.S.

Black Friday at Polo Park

Shoppers hunting for Black Friday deals lined up in the pre-dawn darkness at Polo Park on Friday

Shoppers cash in on Sudbury Black Friday sales

It is Black Friday — and this day of sales and holiday shopping comes amidst some dark economic times for many in northeastern Ontario.

Winnipeg shoppers line up early for Black Friday deals at Polo Park

Shoppers started lining up as early as 5:30 a.m. for Black Friday deals at Polo Park mall in Winnipeg.

Black Friday losing appeal for cross-border shoppers

With the weak Canadian dollar and the growth of online shopping, analysts predict more Canadians will stay home this year rather than join the mass shopping hysteria that pervades U.S. retailing the day after American Thanksgiving.

Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

McMaster University business professor Mandeep Malik talks about the rise of Cyber Monday and the fall of Black Friday.

Retailers aiming to reverse Black Friday cross-border flow

At least one Metro Vancouver shopping centre is hoping to reverse the cross-border shopping trend for Black Friday this year.

Grey Cup could help boost Black Friday sales in Winnipeg

Grey Cup fans, combined with a low Canadian dollar deterring shoppers from crossing the border into the U.S., could mean more cash rolling into Winnipeg malls for Black Friday.

In Black Friday border mall battles, Canada tries to outshine U.S. deals

This year, some Canadian border malls are plotting to steal not only the U.S. Black Friday sales tradition, but also, American shoppers. The hope is the weak dollar will help convince both Canadians and Americans that the best deals lie north of the border.

Black Friday barely shifts Canadian shopping habits

Canadian retailers are putting a lot of effort into promoting Black Friday, but according to Statistics Canada, shoppers aren't likely to have shifted their spending habits.

Black Friday not a strong draw for Manitoba deal-seekers, expert says

This year's Black Friday deals in the United States may not be enough to send some Manitobans across the border, as the low loonie is making some deals look like duds, says a local expert on consumer behaviour.

The Bottom Line

Our weekend business panel discusses the price of oil and Black Friday shopping deals

RAW: Protesters storm shopping mall

Protesters march through Seattle mall on Black Friday chanting 'No justice, no peace' and 'Black lives matter'

Black Friday brings out Winnipeg's ambitious shoppers

Hard core shoppers in Winnipeg were out far before the sun, seeking Black Friday bargains.

Black Friday in Vancouver generates few signs of panic

There were no anxious line-ups, no rushing crowds and few signs of consumer panic for Black Friday sales in Metro Vancouver this morning.

Buy Nothing Day attacks 'consumerism at its heart' : Adbusters

Shoppers are lining up around the world to take advantage of Black Friday sales, but Vancouver-based anti-consumerist magazine Adbusters is urging people to do anything but.

Black Friday out of reach for one CBC Radio listener

A CBC Radio listener called The Early Edition to blast Black Friday, saying the high cost of living in Vancouver doesn't leave him with any money to participate in sales.

Black Friday in St. John's

People lined up from 11:30 Thursday for deals at stores like Target

Black Friday deals may not be what they seem, retail expert warns

Shoppers across the GTA lined up before dawn to take advantage of Black Friday deals. But are they really getting the lowest prices?

Black Friday brings out Winnipeg's ambitious shoppers

Hard core shoppers in Winnipeg were out far before the sun, seeking Black Friday bargains.

Black Friday 2014: Chaotic shopping scenes spread to U.K.

The chaotic U.S., post-Thanksgiving scenes of Black Friday shoppers struggling through store entrances for deals on flat-screen TVs and other consumer electronics spread to the United Kingdom today.

Black Friday leaps the pond

The contagion of shoppers struggling through store entrances and racing for deals on flat screen TVs and other consumer electronics spreads to the U.K.

Cyber Monday 2014: Surprising fees Canadians pay for shopping online

While American shoppers celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday —​ the biggest sales of the year in the U.S. —​ Canadians looking to save by shopping online could face some hidden costs.

Ferguson protesters take their message to stores on Black Friday

Protesters in Ferguson, Missouri began targeting Black Friday sales at major retailers overnight in a new tactic to vent their anger at a grand jury decision not to indict a white police officer who fatally shot unarmed black teen Michael Brown.

Black Friday sales lure pre-dawn customers to big box stores

Hundreds of customers dressed up and lined up outside some of the big box stores on Stavanger Drive in St. John's early Friday, hoping to cash in on some of the Black Friday sales inside.

Winnipeggers prepare for Black Friday shopping frenzy

With Black Friday less than two days away, shoppers are already coming up with a plan of attack, making lists of where the big deals are.

Black Friday shoppers can expect lengthy border wait into Buffalo

Hamilton shoppers eyeing up a Black Friday trip to Buffalo can expect long waits at the borders this weekend, and more incentives than ever to stay at home and spend money in the city.

Black Friday deals to adopt a pet from Humane Society

The Windsor-Essex Humane Society is offering a special Black Friday discount for people who want to adopt a pet.

Black Friday: 5 ways to stay out of debt

The sales may be billed as the biggest of the year but according to Scott Hannah, the president and CEO of the Credit Counselling Society of BC, Black Friday shopping can also lead to big debt.

Black Friday sales in Surrey fight to keep shoppers from crossing border

Retailers in Surrey are fed up at losing out on business to Black Friday sales south of the border, and are holding their own sales this year to compete.

Black Friday | Travel tips for cross-border shoppers

Border agents on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border are encouraging people to be prepared and understand policy and procedure before cross-border shopping on Black Friday.

Black Friday marketers push for greater spending

Black Friday, the huge shopping day after American Thanksgiving, used to be a single day. But as marketers try to squeeze as much money out of Black Friday as possible, it now extends from Thursday to Sunday. And some marketers are going to even greater lengths.

How Black Friday deals are sometimes just a marketing scam

A new report by Vancity Credit Union describes tactics retailers use to motivate sales, including inflating original prices and creating a false sense of urgency.

Black Friday reality check

Retail marketing expert Andrew Sharpe says the American Black Friday frenzy-inducing discounts is more of a borrowed concept in Canada

Black Friday becoming a Canadian tradition

American post-Thanksgiving retail ritual has leaked across the border into Canada, but isn't at quite the same level of hype

Black Friday bargain shopping shifting sales momentum to November

Canadian shoppers on the lookout for a bargain are poised to give a big boost to Black Friday sales this week, part of what looks to be a shift in spending patterns.

Doug Stephens: Black Friday

Our retail columnist says people are still lining up for American Thanksgiving sales and retail outlets are kicking off their sales earlier, even if not all of the deals may be the best bargain.

Black Friday shopping: Tips for crossing the border

Heading south for Black Friday deals next week? The Canada Border Services Agency has some tips for Manitoba cross-border shoppers to ensure a smoother return home.

Business with Brian Vendramin - Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Shoppers are gearing up for Black Friday and then Cyber Monday. Our business columnist Brian Vendramin shares his thoughts on the annual shopping frenzy.

Christmas season starting too early?

Remembrance Day hasn't arrived but some stores and malls have already switched to holiday mode

Boxing Day lines shorter this year

Some shopped on Black Friday, many others made online purchases

Canadian Black Friday

Elmer Kim and Michael Hyatt discuss the embracing of Black Friday north of the border

Black Friday

Torontonians flooded into the Eaton Centre shopping mall on Friday to take advantage of some big savings.

No stampede-inducing deals in Canada's Black Friday

Retailers hoped for $3B sales bump

Black Friday in Bellingham, Wash.

Hundreds of B.C. shoppers made the drive to Bellingham for deals

Black Friday at Metrotown mall

Hundreds of shoppers lined up overnight for $5 gift cards

Winnipeg Humane Society offers furry deal for Black Friday

The Winnipeg Humane Society is offering a furry twist on Black Friday. The animal welfare agency is offering half off of black dogs for the whole day.

Fake Black Friday sales?

Are shoppers really getting as good a deal as they think on Black Friday? The CBC's Aaron Saltzman investigates.

Winnipeg retailers gear up for Black Friday

Shoppers south of the border are gearing up for one of the biggest shopping days of the year — and Winnipeggers are primed to follow suit.

Retail theft up during Black Friday

A Vancouver security firm is hiring 30 to 50 guards for holidays

Black Friday sales in Vancouver

Malls and hotels push specials to keep people from going to U.S.

Edmontonians remember Black Friday

More than 25 years after Black Friday, the tornado's deadly impact has not been forgotten.

Boxing Day brings deals and crowds

The annual tradition means sales, lineups, border traffic, and parking lot stress

Black Friday buys returned to sender

A depot in Port Roberts, Wash., is overwhelmed with goods bought by Canadian shoppers

The Bottom Line

Our weekend business panel discusses Black Friday sale in Canada and the economic impact of the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto.

Black Friday in Selkirk

Retailers in the small community of Selkirk, Man., use Black Friday sales in a bid to keep local consumers close to home

Bargain Hunters

Kirk Williams is spending the day in Bellingham finding Canadians packing up their hauls

Black Friday sales myths?

Black Friday may not have the bargains shoppers are hoping for, CBC's Steve Niles explains

Black Friday frenzy

Many Canadians are already taking advantage of savings in B.C. and south of the border

Black Friday plans

Some Canadian retailers are coming up with ways to keep shoppers north of the border

Edmonton tornado memories

Tuesday marks 25 years since one of the deadliest tornados in Canadian history tore through east Edmonton killing 27 people and injuring 300

Canadian Black Friday

Canadian retailers are hoping to cash-in on the momentum of Black Friday in the U.S.

Lure of the bargain

CBC's Ian Hanomansing looks at Canadian deal hunters who ventured to the U.S. for Black Friday

Black Friday explained

History professor James Livingston tries to dispel some misconceptions surrounding the craziness that is Black Friday

Black Friday

Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season in the U.S. when retailers offer low prices and there are deals to be found in Canada as well.

Black Friday frenzy

Huge discounts at U.S. stores are drawing American shoppers out on a shopping binge, the CBC's James Murray reports

Canadian Black Friday

Canadian consumers go online to take advantage of the biggest American shopping day of the year, prompting Canadian retailers to get in on the action, the CBC's Havard Gould reports

U.S. buyers cautious on first day of Christmas shopping

American shoppers who had snapped their wallets shut since September turned out in force Friday to grab deals on the traditional start of the holiday shopping season, but it was clear that worries about the economy tempered buying.