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Dozy B.C. bears waking to spring renew calls to secure tempting trash

Bears are waking up a bit early in B.C. this spring and looking to kick start their digestive systems with grass and greens, according to experts.

Headless bear dumped on rec trail infuriates dog walker, neighbours

WARNING: This story contains a graphic image.

Dogs can trigger bear attacks, warn experts after grizzly charges Bella Coola man

Video of a Bella Coola man trying to scare a grizzly sow out of his backyard with a dog and a shotgun is renewing warnings about the dangers of mixing bears and dogs.

Backyard deer attack leaves woman with minor injuries

An Oak Bay, B.C., woman was knocked over and stomped by herd of deer that likely perceived her as a threat to a fawn.

'Luckiest son of a gun around' heads home after grizzly attack

Jordan Carbery is celebrating, despite suffering a ripped scalp and a chewed abdomen. He knows it could have been worse.

'It's so much more than the kill': hunters decry ban on grizzly trophy hunt

A ban on hunting grizzlies for trophies was announced this week in B.C., but some experts say the move won’t protect the iconic bears.

Grizzly bear attack near Bella Bella, B.C., ends with kick to the face

An engineer with a Vancouver logging company thought he was going to die as a mother grizzly bear tore the flesh of his arm and back, and tried to throw him in the air.



Diving grizzly bear caught on video on Central Coast

Believe it or not, grizzly bears don't often dive to find food. But a researcher has caught one bear taking to the water like Michael Phelps in search of salmon to eat.

Where to watch the Fraser River sockeye salmon return

If you're hoping to watch the sockeye salmon jumping as they swim up the Fraser River, you'll want to make some time to head to the water's edge this week.

How to survive a black bear encounter

In recent weeks there have been a string of unusual encounters between humans and bears in British Columbia - what should you do if you see a black bear?


Exhausted bald eagle Nanoose dies after fishing boat rescue caught on YouTube

]A bald eagle dubbed Nanoose, which was rescued by a Vancouver Island fisherman, who found the exhausted bird floundering in the ocean near Nanoose Bay, has died.

New orca calf born to endangered southern resident pod

The Canadian Centre for Whale Research has confirmed the sighting of another new calf among the endangered population of 80 southern resident orcas.

B.C. orcas' rare beach-rubbing behaviour caught on video

An amateur videographer has captured rare footage of northern resident orcas at a rubbing beach on Dog Bay in B.C.'s Discovery Islands.

Rescue planned for injured sea lion

Conservation officers are planning to rescue a sea lion with a rope embedded deep in its neck that was spotted Sunday in Fanny Bay, south of Courtenay, B.C.

Kimberley Mountie frees elk stuck in fence

A YouTube video of a Mountie freeing an elk in the Rocky Mountain Trench east of Kimberley, B.C., has garnered more than 24,000 hits.

Pregnant killer whale J-32 was starving, necropsy reveals

Questions remain after a necropsy revealed a young female orca in the endangered southern resident population was malnourished when she died before giving birth to a full-term calf.

Deer on ice rescued by conservation officers in Okanagan

Conservation officers rescued a white-tailed deer that had fallen on the frozen Duck Lake, near Kelowna, B.C.

Bald eagles descend on southwestern B.C. for salmon, overwintering

Thousands of bald eagles are expected to return to the Fraser Valley this year to feast on salmon along the banks of the Harrison River.

Rescued sea otter Wally meets new companion, Tanu

Walter, a sea otter blinded by a shotgun blast, is being introduced to Tanu, another rescued sea otter in long-term care.

Destination B.C.'s 'The Wild Within' YouTube video is stunning

The extraordinary beauty found in the province of British Columbia is the subject of a new YouTube video. Take a moment to remind yourself what's magical about B.C.

Grizzly bear gets behind photographer Jim Lawrence's lens

A B.C. photographer snapped a new angle on grizzly bear behaviour after one sauntered up and decided to see what life was like on the other side of the camera.

Barn owl chicks rescued from old Port Mann bridge

Some barn owls chicks that were discovered during the dismantling of the old Port Mann Bridge are recovering at a Delta wildlife facility.


Chester the false killer whale gaining weight, says Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium has released a new video showing the recovery of a false killer whale rescued near Tofino in July.

Orca calf born in Salish Sea has died, researchers believe

Whale researchers believe the first baby Southern resident orca born in the Salish Sea in two years has died.

YouTube video shows B.C. grizzly chewing on GoPro camera

A filmmaker who has been collecting footage of grizzlies in Knight Inlet, on B.C.'s west coast, recently had one of his cameras snatched by a curious bear.