Topic: B.c. wildlife encounters

Youbou residents looking for 2 elk trapped in fencing, wire

Valley Fish & Game Club says it’s important to quickly find the animals, nicknamed “Monster Mesh” and “Line Dancer” so they can eat normally and enter mating season without disadvantages.

200 bear complaints expected in Prince George over next 6 weeks

A wildlife awareness society says residents of Prince George, B.C., can expect an increasing number of bear encounters in the next few weeks as the furry omnivores search for food to fatten up for winter.



Humpback whale pays Vancouver kayakers a 'far too close' visit

Meeting a humpback whale up close was an Instagram-worthy "bucket list" moment for Vancouver kayaker John Olynyk, but don't try to replicate it.

Southern resident killer whales to get personalized health records

Researchers around the Pacific Northwest collect swathes of data on the southern resident killer whales who call this part of the world home. Dr. Joe Gaydos wants to consolidate that data into a single individualized database.

Full recovery expected for entangled seal pup Maëlle at Vancouver Aquatic Centre

A tiny seal pup that was found with a nylon fishing net cutting into her neck near Nanaimo, B.C., is expected to make a full recovery, says the Vancouver Aquarium.

Injured seal pup caught in discarded fishing net recovering in Vancouver

A tiny seal pup is being rehabilitated in Vancouver after being found entangled with a nylon fishing net cutting deep into her neck near Nanaimo, B.C. earlier this week.

Grizzly bear attack near Bella Bella, B.C., ends with kick to the face

An engineer with a Vancouver logging company thought he was going to die as a mother grizzly bear tore the flesh of his arm and back, and tried to throw him in the air.



Diving grizzly bear caught on video on Central Coast

Believe it or not, grizzly bears don't often dive to find food. But a researcher has caught one bear taking to the water like Michael Phelps in search of salmon to eat.



Grey whale drone video shows rare visit to Vancouver's Stanley Park

A grey whale made a rare visit to the waters surrounding Vancouver's Stanley Park on Wednesday morning, delighting some lucky passersby.

Where to watch the Fraser River sockeye salmon return

If you're hoping to watch the sockeye salmon jumping as they swim up the Fraser River, you'll want to make some time to head to the water's edge this week.

Woman questions why injured deer left to die on Penticton highway

A Penticton woman is questioning why police and conservation officers refused to euthanize an injured deer she found limping along the side of a B.C.'s Highway 97 with a fawn in tow on Monday evening.

Race to Alaska race won by Seattle-based team in 5 days, 55 minutes

The winning team reached Ketchikan, Alaska in five days and 55 minutes while many of the competitors are stuck in rough waters just north of Vancouver Island.

Killer whale baby boom: 4th calf spotted near Tofino

Whale watchers on the West Coast are celebrating the confirmed sighting of a fourth killer whale calf born to the endangered southern resident population this year.

Dead bear found dumped in downtown Kamloops alleyway

The body of a black bear found dumped in an alleyway in downtown Kamloops, B.C., has sparked an investigation by conservation officers.

Goose 'gang brood' spotted at Burnaby Lake Park

It's becoming a common sight to see Canada geese with a handful of goslings in tow, wandering Burnaby Lake Park — but larger groups of more than 30 have recently been spotted.

Bear attack kills camper Daniel Ward O'Connor near Mackenzie, B.C.

A 27-year-old man from Mackenzie, B.C., was attacked and killed by a bear while camping with his fiancée last weekend, the BC Coroners Service has confirmed.

Cougar attacks pit bull near Powell River, B.C.

A four-year-old pit bull named Bruce is recovering after being attacked by a cougar near Powell River last week.

15 eagles found poisoned, shot in South Cariboo

Conservation officers in the South Cariboo region of B.C. say someone is killing eagles and dumping their carcasses.

Orca calf raises hopes of baby boom in endangered population

A baby orca spotted Monday in J Pod is the fourth birth in three months — sparking talk of a mini baby boom in the population of endangered southern resident orcas.

Baby orca J50 comes out to play

Once given only a 50 percent chance of survival, the newest additions to the endangered southern resident community of orcas appear to be thriving.

Albino deer in Fort St. John delights local residents

A rare albino deer spotted in Fort St. John is delighting residents in northern B.C. after it was seen around town.

White-nose syndrome: bat study launched by northern B.C. high school student

A high school student in northern B.C. is helping to prepare researchers for the anticipated spread of a virus that has killed millions of bats across North America.

Penticton's wild horses getting closer to downtown

Penticton's wild horses have recently been spotted closer than ever to the city's downtown core.

Wolf attack in Pacific Rim Park leaves dogs injured, another missing

Two dogs are injured and another is missing after a series of wolf attacks near Ucluelet, B.C.

Farmed deer could be future of cull: Victoria councillor Chris Coleman

As a controversial deer cull in Oak Bay has wrapped up, a Victoria city councillor has another solution to manage urban deer — domesticating and farming them to create a new cash crop for Vancouver Island.