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BCTF meeting with province to determine how to attract teachers to B.C.

The B.C. Teachers' Federation is meeting with the province to discuss measures to help B.C. school districts recruit and retain teachers — both from within this province and elsewhere in Canada.

B.C. still has hundreds of teaching vacancies with school year weeks away

School districts across B.C. are still looking for teachers to fill hundreds of full-time and part-time positions.

BCTF President Jim Iker to step down at end of school year

Jim Iker was the face of the BCTF during the acrimonious 2014 teachers strike in B.C.

B.C. teachers' strike: Government asks some parents for money back

Parents who used their $40 a day during the 2014 teacher's strike to pay for education at independent schools are being asked to pay the money back. A former superintendent of schools says that's unfair.

B.C. teachers lose latest court fight on class size, composition

A bitter battle between British Columbia's teachers and the provincial government could be headed to the Supreme Court of Canada after B.C's highest court sided with the province today.

B.C. teachers wait for court ruling on class size bargaining rights

B.C.'s highest court will deliver the latest ruling on the lengthy dispute over class sizes between the B.C. Teachers' Federation and the provincial government on Thursday.

B.C. teachers' strike boosted private school enrolment

Private schools across B.C. have seen a jump in enrolment since last year's teacher's strike.

B.C. teachers to get strike bonus this week, says BCTF

The province's 41,000 teachers will soon receive their cut of a $105 million payout from the government — part of the deal their union struck in September to end the three-month strike.

$40-a-day pay delayed for some RAW

Mike de Jong says payments for kindergartners may take longer

B.C. teachers' strike: $40-a-day payments for parents due this week

Some 165,000 B.C. families who registered for the Temporary Education Support Payment program during the teachers' strike can expect to get their cheques this week.

B.C. school districts ordered to return all strike savings

The B.C. government is instructing school districts to return any money they may have saved during the public school teachers' strike this September.

B.C. teachers' dispute: Clark expects case will go to Supreme Court

B.C. Premier Christy Clark says she believes the court case over teachers' rights to bargain class size and composition will go to the Supreme Court of Canada.

B.C. teachers' strike: Public school students back in class today

About half a million public school students across B.C. are heading back to school this morning, after teachers approved a contract to end a strike that dates back to before the end of the last school year.

Teachers prep for back to school

Classes will start Monday and Tuesday across the province, but the three weeks lost won't be made up

Fassbender on making up for lost time RAW

CBC's Andrew Chang sits down with B.C.'s education minister to talk about why the school year won't be extended

Teachers' back-to-school rush RAW

CBC's Stephen Smart visits a Victoria elementary school where it's a race against time to get ready for Monday

B.C. teachers' strike: No extension to school year to make up for lost time

B.C. has no plans to extend the school year to make up for three weeks of class time lost during the teachers' strike, Education Minister Peter Fassbender has confirmed.

B.C. teachers' strike: Deal approved

86% approve, accusations of wasted time on both sides

B.C. teachers' strike: Could it have ended much sooner, asks Stephen Smart

There is no denying that a negotiated contract between the B.C. government and striking public school teachers is a good thing, but did it need to take three months?

Teachers' strike is over RAW

BCTF president Jim Iker announces the results of the vote: 86 per cent said 'yes' to the tentative deal

B.C. teachers' strike is over: 86% vote 'yes' to accept deal

More than 31,000 B.C. teachers voted today on the tentative agreement reached with the government earlier this week, with 86 per cent of them voting to accept the deal.

B.C. teachers vote on tentative deal

Public school could be back in session Monday if teachers approve the tentative contract deal

B.C. teachers vote on tentative deal today

Yes majority would mean many schools would open Monday. Results expected 9:30 p.m. PT today

B.C. teachers' strike: BCTF members vote on tentative deal

B.C. teachers are voting today on the tentative agreement reached with the government, and if approved, could see some schools reopen as early as Monday.

B.C. teachers' vote: what's in the deal?

CBC's Stephen Smart explains some of the details in the tentative six-year deal that could end the strike

B.C. teachers begin voting on tentative agreement

B.C. teachers have begun voting on the agreement reached Tuesday. If a majority vote in favour, classes could resume as early as next week.

B.C. teachers' strike: Vote No says teacher Tara Ehrcke

A Victoria school teacher is urging her colleagues to vote No tomorrow and reject the tentative deal brokered to end the three-month B.C. teachers' strike.

B.C. teachers' strike: BCTF letter outlines tentative agreement

The final wording of the new contract proposal has not yet been publicly released, but CBC News has obtained a letter outlining the highlights of an agreement reached between B.C. public school teachers and the province.
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Backpack Buddies looks forward to post-strike reboot

News that the B.C. teachers' strike could be coming to an end is great news for kids who take part in Backpack Buddies.

B.C. kids could be back in school next week

Teachers still have to vote on a tentative deal that was brokered between the BCTF and the BCPSEA

Jim Iker on tentative deal for teachers RAW

B.C. Teachers' Federation president says the union hopes B.C. teachers will vote to ratify the six-year deal

B.C. teachers' strike tentative deal: Clark and Fassbender RAW

The premier and the minister of education take reporters' questions on the tentative six-year deal

Peter Fassbender on tentative deal RAW

B.C.'s Education Minister says the key now is to move ahead, and looking at class composition is part of that

Premier Christy Clark on tentative 6-year-deal RAW

'We have... reached an historic six-year agreement with teachers. This has never been been done before... that means five years of labor peace."

B.C. teachers' strike: When will schools reopen?

A tentative deal has been reached in an effort to end the B.C. teachers' strike, but a lot remains to be done before schools can reopen.

B.C. teachers deal

Mediator Vince Ready talks about how the tentative deal was reached

Peter Cameron on teachers deal

BCSPEA lead negotiator Peter Cameron on how the deal will be ratified
Live Blog

B.C. teachers' strike agreement: Follow the latest updates

A tentative agreement has been reached in the B.C. teachers' dispute. Follow breaking updates from CBC reporters in the field.

B.C. teachers' strike: Tentative deal reached

Possible solution to bitter 3-month contract dispute

B.C. teachers' strike: BCTF recommends accepting 6-year deal

The B.C. Teachers' Federation is recommending its members accept the tentative six-year deal which B.C. Premier Christy Clark is calling "historic." A deal of that length has never been reached with teachers before in the province.

B.C. teachers' strike: There's Ready, and there's "ready"

Some teachers say they don't need much prep time to get back in the classroom: 'I would at least like to have an hour,' Brian Maciborka tells CBC News

B.C. teachers' strike: What does a mediator do?

Renee Collins Goult tells CBC's Andrew Chang what goes on inside the mediation room.

B.C. teachers' strike: Could there be a deal in the works?

Following Sunday's marathon 16-hour negotiating session, Vince Ready reveals little about what progress is being made

B.C. teachers update

Teachers are expected to table a proposal today at talks in Richmond, Renee Filippone reports

Teachers' strike update - RAW

Mediator Vince Ready with the latest on negotiations early Monday morning

Teachers' strike progress?

CBC reporter Steve Lus reports on the glimmer of hope in the acrimonious talks

B.C. teachers' strike: Both sides back at bargaining table

Negotiations have resumed in the B.C. teachers' dispute today, raising hopes half a million students will return to the classroom sometime in the near future.
In Depth

Poor kids hit hard by school strike

School provides a network of social services to the province's most vulnerable youth, and advocates worry those families are being hit hardest by the school strike.

B.C. teachers' strike: Talks underway under a media blackout

Chief negotiators for both sides in the B.C. teachers' dispute are hunkered down at a Richmond hotel for talks this weekend as another week without school looms on the horizon for half a million British Columbia school children.

B.C. teachers' strike: Tensions flare at Vancouver rally

A brief melee broke out at a pro-teachers rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery Sunday when a group of Richmond parents crashed the event chanting anti-union slogans.

B.C. teachers' strike: Talks underway at Richmond hotel

Chief negotiators for both sides in the B.C. teachers' dispute are hunkered down at a Richmond hotel for talks this weekend as another week without school looms on the horizon for half a million British Columbia school children.

B.C. teachers' strike: Both sides silently resume discussions

Attempts to restart negotiations in the B.C. public school teachers' strike appear to be underway, but so far neither side says actual negotiations have resumed.

B.C. teachers' strike: Both sides silent on restarting talks

Attempts to restart negotiations in the B.C. public school teachers' strike appear to be underway, but so far neither side says actual negotiations have resumed.

B.C. teachers, employers in talks to resume negotiations: Fassbender

B.C. Education Minister Peter Fassbender tells CBC News the teachers' union and employers' association are talking with mediator Vince Ready about resuming negotiations.

B.C. Education Minister Peter Fassbender RAW

In this exclussive one-on-one interview with CBC's Andrew Chang, Fassbender says Vince Ready is still working to bring the teachers' union and employers' association together

George Abbott on strike RAW

Former B.C. education minister George Abbott says a legislated solution is likely

B.C. teachers' strike: SFU, UBC consider extending deadlines

Both Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia are considering extending deadlines for applications from B.C. students if the public school teachers' strike drags on, but for now, it's business as usual.

Support for teachers, in words and cash

From large unions to small businesses, a number of British Columbians are showing support for striking teachers

B.C. teachers vote 'yes' to binding arbitration

B.C. Teachers' Federation president Jim Iker said the mandate was clear, and now it's up to the province

Jim Iker delivers teachers' vote result RAW

More than 30,000 B.C. teachers voted today, and over 99 per cent were in favour of using binding arbitration to end the current strike

B.C. teachers' strike: Teachers vote 'overwhelmingly' in favour of binding arbitration

With more than 99 per cent of the B.C. teachers' vote coming back in favour of the option, B.C. Teachers’ Federation President Jim Iker again renewed the call for the government to enter into binding arbitration to end the months-long teachers' strike.

B.C. teachers' strike gets financial boost from Federation of Labour, nurses

Public sector unions stand in solidarity with the BCTF, urging government to accept binding arbitration.

B.C. teachers' strike drags on with no end in sight

Rhetoric, rather than realistic solutions, fueling a standoff with no end in sight.

Protesters chant during Christy Clark Q&A RAW

The teachers' strike took centre stage at an announcement about Maple Ridge becoming B.C.'s newest city

B.C. teachers' strike: Voting today on binding arbitration

Nearly 41,000 striking public school teachers across B.C. will cast ballots today on binding arbitration, but it remains unclear if the vote will bring the strike any closer to ending.

Striking solutions

CBC Vancouver host Andrew Chang presses Jim Iker on the BCTF's strike strategy

B.C. teachers' strike: $266M budget surplus not for BCTF deal, says de Jong

B.C.'s Finance Minister Mike de Jong says the province will have a larger revenue surplus than originally forecast this year, but the extra money won't be used to settle the ongoing teachers' strike.

B.C. teachers' strike: Minister calls union move to end strike 'silly'

BCTF president Jim Iker says the union will hold a vote Wednesday, recommending binding arbitration in an effort to end the strike.

B.C. teachers' strike: High school students plan 'walk-in'

On what should be the fifth day of classes for B.C. schools, some frustrated students say it's time their concerns are heard about the teachers' strike.

B.C. teachers' strike: Premier Christy Clark's popularity dips, says poll

As the B.C. teachers' strike continues, Premier Christy Clark's approval rating continues to fall.

Grade 12 concerns

Students say the ongoing B.C. teachers' strike is threatening their university plans

B.C. teachers' strike: students brace for another week without classes

Parents and students are scrambling for learning and daycare options again this week as half a million B.C. students face the second week of the new school year without classes.

B.C. teachers' strike: B.C. says court ruling at heart of teachers' dispute wrong

A court ruling at the centre of British Columbia's protracted teachers' strike, which has delayed the school year for half a million students, robs the government of its ability to set education policy, the province argues in documents related to an upcoming appeal.

Parents explore learning options for kids

Online courses, educational bookstores and day camps looked in 2nd week of strike

B.C. teachers' strike: government rejects binding arbitration

Half a million B.C. students are facing the second week of the new school year without classes after the government rejected the teachers' offer of binding arbitration to settle the dispute.

B.C. teachers rally at Canada Place

Hundreds of striking teachers are rallying at Canada Place as first week of school ends with no further talks planned.

B.C. teachers' strike: Education Minister Peter Fassbender 'never been a fan' of arbitration

B.C. Education Minister Peter Fassbender wouldn't flat-out say "no" to a proposal to use binding arbitration to settle the three-month-old strike, but made it sound like an unlikely solution.

B.C. teachers' strike: volunteers pick up the slack

A group of B.C. parents and community members are teaching a roomful of kids during the province's teachers' strike

A call for changes to teacher training

In the midst of the B.C. teachers' contract dispute, many teachers say they don't have the resources to teach all their special needs students

B.C. teachers' strike: Day 3 of no-back-to-school

With no talks scheduled, both sides in the B.C. teachers' contract dispute appear to be getting more entrenched

B.C. teachers' strike: How some parents are taking action

Some B.C. parents are donating the government's $40-a-day compensation they expect to receive to the teachers union. Other parents are setting up makeshift schools of their own.

B.C. teachers' strike: are we failing special needs students?

As teachers and the government continue to square off over class size and composition, some question whether B.C.'s special education system even exists.

Christy Clark on B.C. teachers' strike RAW

Teachers union needs to make demands that are realistic, says B.C. premier

B.C. teachers' strike: Union rejects premier's demand to suspend strike

B.C. Premier Christy Clark waded into the B.C. teachers' strike on Wednesday, calling on teachers to suspend their strike, reduce their demands and return to the bargaining table.

B.C. teachers' strike: day camp spaces around Metro Vancouver

The B.C. teachers' strike has many parents scrambling for day care for their children, but there are still spots at day camps at community centres across Metro Vancouver.

B.C. teachers' strike: After a wasted summer, stalemate rules

Instead of working on a compromise, something to allow both parties to save face and achieve some of their goals, the government and the B.C. Teachers' Federation are both waiting for the other side to blink, Stephen Smart writes.

Back-to-school a bust in B.C.

The teachers' union and the B.C. government are still too far apart in their negotiations as the school season begins

B.C. teachers' strike: former teacher quit over special needs stress

After 14 years, Willow Reichelt walked away from teaching because she could no longer properly support the special needs kids in her class

B.C. teachers' strike: parents search for alternate care

Parents throughout British Columbia began using a patchwork of childcare solutions, on what should have been the first day of school in the province.

B.C. teachers' strike: How far apart are the 2 sides?

CBC News looks at some of the numbers the teachers' union and the employers' association can't seem to agree on.

B.C. teachers' strike: Lars Konge builds mini-school in his living room

With no end to the B.C. teachers' strike in sight and a six-year-old about to start Grade 2, one East Vancouver dad transforms his living room into a classroom and begins interviewing potential instructors.

B.C. teachers' strike: No classes on what is supposed to be 1st day of school

Canadian schoolchildren head back to school today — but not if they attend a public school in British Columbia, where the months-long teachers' strike has delayed the start of classes.

School's out, but the game is on

B.C. high school football players like Jordon Seney and their coaches are getting creative as the teachers' strike continues

Teachers' strike: a student's perspective RAW

Joshua Johnson, who should be starting Grade 12 at Argyle Secondary today, says students are hurting the most

B.C. teachers' strike: kids won't be in class Sept. 2

An ongoing labour dispute between British Columbia and its teachers remains unresolved

How long will the teachers' strike last?

Renee Filippone looks at how far apart the BCTF and the BCPSEA are in their demands and concessions

B.C. teachers' strike: parents scramble for daycare spaces

Daycare operators in British Columbia are scrambling to keep up with increased demand as more parents need to find places to send their kids with schools staying closed Tuesday.

Labour expert on B.C. teachers' strike

John Fryer on the stalled negotiations between B.C. Teachers' Federation and the province

B.C.'s teachers' feud dates back decades

All summer long, there's been one overriding conversation amongst the hundred-plus employees at a Vancouver financial firm who have school-age children: British Columbia's acrimonious teachers' strike.

B.C. teachers' strike: Premier's tweets blaming teachers add fuel to fire

Not only are the two sides in the B.C. teachers' strike too far apart to even begin mediation, on Sunday - in what is arguably a new low for relations between the government and the B.C. Teacher's Federation - Premier Christy Clark furthered inflamed the heated negotiations with a series of tweets blaming teachers for the failure to resolve the crisis before the new school year.