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Nunavut not the only place struggling to recruit N.L. teachers, says association head

President of teacher's association says fewer N.L. teachers are heading north for jobs.

1 month into school year, union says still too few teachers in B.C. classrooms

“Students are upset, it’s certainly causing a lot of reasonable angst for our members and parents and guardians certainly have the right to be concerned about this too,” BCTF president says.

Ministry of Education ignored warnings about South Korean school closure

A series of anonymous emails sent to B.C.'s Ministry of Education were ignored for months, teachers at a prestigious South Korean school say, leaving them to face deportation and permanently marred travel documents, with no warning.

South Korea closes B.C. school: 14 teachers caught in 'bureaucratic nightmare'

South Korean immigration officials are forcing the closure of an international B.C. school and ordering 14 teachers, certified by the province, to leave the country for a year.

B.C. teacher loses certificate after 'hookup' attempt with student online

A teacher in eastern B.C. is no longer certified to work in the province after he admitted to hitting on a student on a dating app.

Michael Holbrook suspended over insensitive topless sailor posters

A Delta teacher has been disciplined for using classroom computers and printers to create insensitive posters that he then distributed in the lead up to a day intended to educate students about LGBT issues.

Teachers court loss a win for students with special needs: advocate Faith Bodnar

A ruling from B.C.'s Court of Appeal that states class size and composition shouldn't be part of labour negotiations is being called a victory by the head of an organization that advocates for people with developmental disabilities.

Christy Clark says teachers court ruling opportunity to ease tension

B.C. premier Christy Clark is calling a B.C. court ruling on teachers' bargaining rights an opportunity to work on the strained relationship between the provincial government and the B.C. Teachers Federation.

B.C. teachers court loss disappointing for some parents

Some parent groups are disappointed with Thursday's court ruling which sided with the province against the B.C. Teacher's Federation.

B.C. teachers wait for court ruling on class size bargaining rights

B.C.'s highest court will deliver the latest ruling on the lengthy dispute over class sizes between the B.C. Teachers' Federation and the provincial government on Thursday.

B.C. teachers' strike: Vince Ready declares an impasse

The veteran mediator leaves the negotiations he joined Thursday

Iker challenges Fassbender to get to mediation

BCTF president Jim Iker called on the government to make mediation happen starting Monday

Teachers return to picket lines Monday

With just over a week left before the school year is supposed to start, teachers are continuing strike action with rotating pickets

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Parents make sure track meet goes ahead despite teachers' strike

CBC News Vancouver in 59 seconds

Teachers, employer argue at LRB over docking pay by 10 per cent

B.C. teachers and province disagree on exam marking

The B.C. Teachers' Federation says a partial employer-imposed lockout means teachers won't be marking final exams for Grade 10 and 11, but the B.C. Public School Employers' Association says the union is misreading the terms of its lockout.

B.C. teachers threatened with partial lockout

The B.C. Public School Employers' Association is threatening a partial lockout if teachers move forward with rotating strikes on Monday.

B.C. teachers' wage rollback threat

Pay may be cut by five per cent in retaliation for job action

B.C. teachers get a revised offer

Signing bonus if a deal is reached before end the of school year