Federal health minister appeals to Alberta to reconsider closing opioid treatment program

A controversial treatment for chronic opioid addiction has gained little traction in Canada in spite of some glowing reviews and federal support. Now Canada's health minister is calling on Alberta to reconsider closing its program, which involves administering pharmaceutical-grade opioids in a clinical setting, sometimes several times a day.

Top health officer calls on B.C. to 'urgently' decriminalize possession of illicit drugs

B.C.'s top health officer has recommended the province move urgently to decriminalize possession of illegal drugs for personal use, saying the years-long overdose crisis needs to be treated as a public health issue, not a criminal justice matter.

'Turning the Titantic takes a long time' says mother of overdose victim after another deadly year

Leslie McBain is encouraged by new responses to the opioid crisis, especially talk of providing safe drugs to users. Still as 2018 comes to a close there is one overdose death a day in Vancouver and four across the province.

B.C. police presence at overdose calls discourages requests for help, say legal advocates

Legal advocates are calling on the province to do more to protect drug users from being arrested after they call 911 for an overdose.

Fentanyl spiral: How the guilt and shame of addiction stole a B.C. man's life

Murray Shaw, a competitive cyclist and respected faculty member at a Vancouver community college, recently died alone in a hotel room, a victim of the growing fentanyl epidemic.

B.C.'s health officer urges parents to talk to kids about fentanyl before graduation season

High school graduation is supposed to be a time of celebration. But if some students experiment with drugs, B.C.'s provincial health officer says it could also end in tragedy.

Fentanyl crisis 'a bloodbath,' says Vancouver mayor

The City of Vancouver released new numbers on overdose deaths today that reflect a grim and escalating crisis.

Looking at the fentanyl fix through the lens of history

This week we have been looking at potential solutions for the fentanyl crisis. But the reality is that we've been here — many times before. And we'll likely be here again

FACT CHECK: NDP plan to build 114,000 homes in 10 years 'incredibly unrealistic' say critics

John Horgan stood in front of a modest $1.2 million Burnaby home last week and told struggling families he will help them to be able to afford housing in B.C., with an ambitious plan critics are calling 'unrealistic.'

B.C. NDP and Liberal opioid crisis plans short on details, say critics

The NDP has what it calls an action plan to deal with opioid crisis, but it is big on promises and short on details, says a UBC addictions expert.

On-the-ground health initiatives make big impact on DTES opioid crisis

Vancouver Coastal Health's Patricia Daly says despite the high volume of overdose calls this past week, the concentration of prevention services in the Downtown Eastside is making a difference.

The Fentanyl Fix: How do we solve B.C.'s opioid overdose crisis

Fentanyl is a game-changing opioid that has sparked a public health emergency in B.C. But what can be done to stop this overdose crisis?

And the band played on: Overdoses, death and a resistance to change

The head of B.C.'s drug policy coalition says legally regulating drugs like fentanyl is the only way to stop deaths.

THE FENTANYL FIX: 'The fundamental problem is we live in a screwed up world'

Dr. Carol Ann Saari will never forget one of her patients describing how she got herself to work every day: by dropping acid to escape the gut-wrenching effects of sexual abuse flashbacks.

How fentanyl enters Canada, and what's being done to stop it?

According to the Canada Border Services Agency, China is the principal source country of the fentanyl that makes its way into Canada.
The Fentanyl Fix

How decriminalizing drugs helped Portugal solve its overdose crisis

In 2012, Portugal had just 16 deaths, or 2.3 for every million people in the country between 15 and 64 years of age.

Addicts helping addicts: navigating the perilous road of drug recovery

The Vancouver Recovery Club has been hit hard by the opioid crisis: it's a place where former addicts help people struggling to get clean.

The faces behind B.C.'s fentanyl fix

There are many voices wading into the debate over how to stem the rising number of overdoses in B.C. Through our series The Fentanyl Fix, we've examined those differing points of view.

Why comparing B.C.'s overdose crisis to those in other countries is difficult

British Columbia's numbers seem high, but there's a reason people are reluctant to put them in global context

Iceland is beating teenage substance abuse — Could B.C. follow suit?

Government programs have significantly reversed drinking and drug use in Icelandic teens over the last 20 years.

Taking stock of fixing fentanyl nine months into the public health emergency

B.C.'s provincial health officer says there's no easy solution to the province's ongoing fentanyl crisis.

'Odd Squad' cops say prevention, not more harm reduction, needed for fentanyl crisis

“I don't support elements of harm reduction that are legalizers in sheep's clothing there,” says a retired police officer who served for many years on the Downtown Eastside. He's part of the Odd Squad, a group that works on drug abuse prevention.

Fixing fentanyl means treating trauma that creates addicts

Addicitons expert says we shouldn't be asking why the addiction, but why the pain in the first place.

B.C. health minister says neither side of the drug debate should be stigmatized

After every story CBC does on fentanyl and the overdose crisis in B.C., we get an overwhelming number of audience emails and comments. Some are sympathetic to the addict, but a substantial number are not.

Mother of drug-addicted daughter calls for changes amid fentanyl crisis

It is the phone call Linda Davidsen increasingly fears. Ever since the opioid crisis started, she has worried the next time she picks up the phone it will be the police on the other end telling her her daughter, Cheyenne, has died from a drug overdose.