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Beginning of the end: a chastened Clark acknowledges her premiership is likely coming to a close

Most changes of government in Canada are quick, dramatic affairs. But what is playing out in the wake of B.C.'s election is not quite that.

Horgan, Weaver hope to tread historic path in minority government

It may have been the most pivotal rugby match in B.C. political history.

Could today spell the end of the B.C. Liberals' hold on power?

The B.C. Liberals have led British Columbia for 5,839 days, but after Tuesday's historic agreement between the NDP and Green Party their hold on government is as tenuous as can be.

Uncertainty the word as B.C. political parties wrestle for power

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver heads a party with just three MLAs, but those three votes are the difference between either the B.C. Liberals or the NDP having enough support to pass legislation.

Liberals take 3 vote lead in Courtenay-Comox as absentee ballots are tallied

The B.C. Liberals are leading by three votes in the riding of Courtenay-Comox. But only 137 of 2,077 absentee ballots have been counted and entered into Elections BC's online system.
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B.C.'s provincial election result rests in the hands of 1 riding

When the votes from the B.C. provincial election were tallied on May 9, the riding of Courtenay-Comox was decided by just nine votes. A reversal during the recount would give the BC Liberals a majority.

Christy Clark would still face tough road, even if seat flips in her favour

The B.C. Liberals are about to enter a new reality. With the possibility, in a best case scenario, of holding a majority with 44 of 87 seats, there will be fears that the minority government could fall on any crucial vote.

Portables, patients and the Port Mann Bridge: How the NDP conquered Surrey

For years, Surrey residents have felt overtaxed and underserved. The NDP tapped into their anger and won every swing riding south of the Fraser.

Strange bedfellows: B.C.'s 3 party leaders must court each other

B.C.'s election yesterday was one of the wackiest in Canadian history. Now, Liberal Leader Christy Clark, the NDP's John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver must figure out who exactly will form the government.

Pollsters vindicated in B.C. election after 2013 miss

Throughout the B.C. election campaign, polls were derided and dismissed after the 2013 failure. But the polls called it correctly this time.

B.C. Votes 2017: Leaders target key ridings in final push

On the penultimate day of British Columbia's 2017 election campaign, the leaders of the NDP and Green parties blitzed the ridings they most need to win on Tuesday, while Liberal leader Christy Clark spent much of her time in safe Liberal ridings in Richmond and Abbotsford.

NDP, Liberals neck and neck in B.C. polls, but Christy Clark could have edge

The B.C. Poll Tracker has been updated with the latest polling data published Monday evening. Check here for the latest numbers.

Who will be crowned? Final strategies play out as B.C. campaign wraps up

The B.C. election campaign has been like a 28 day game of chess. Back and forth the parties have gone, trying to expose each others weaknesses, while also making sure they protect themselves from getting knocked out. On Tuesday, the parties will find out if their strategies worked.

No apologies: Christy Clark stays true to form in final week of campaign

Campaigns matter, and their final days have a way of clarifying things. Or in Christy Clark’s case, crystallizing them.

B.C. Liberals court Indigenous vote with promise of economic opportunity

Three Indigenous leaders running for the B.C. Liberals are in ridings that all have a large base of Indigenous voters who tend to support the NDP, but not by large vote totals. When asked why they're running for a party many in their community have consistently rejected, all three are citing the economy.

What Google search data reveals about the B.C. election

New data from Google reveals what British Columbians are wondering about the top political parties and candidates leading up to the provincial election in May.

How Donald Trump became a key figure in the B.C. provincial election campaign

B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark has blasted the U.S. president's protectionist policies at every one of her campaign events since last Thursday. But does Clark really plan on taking on Donald Trump or is it just good campaign politics?

Risky business: The challenge of chatting with voters

It is a fundamental part of the job of party leader. Getting out in communities across British Columbia and interacting with voters.

B.C. Greens trying to turn debate buzz into seats

The One Thing is an original CBC podcast that takes on the one big issue that made headlines in the B.C. election campaign this week. In episode three, CBC reporter Richard Zussman looks at whether Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver's performance in the election debate can push his party into the mainstream.

OPINION: Who do our leaders speak for? An alternative way to watch the debate

We must all remember that even if we can't immediately change the system, we can certainly probe it and ultimately control our response to it.

B.C. New Democrats make polling gains on eve of crucial debate

According to the latest polls, the B.C. NDP is widening its lead over the B.C. Liberals.

Where in B.C. have the party leaders been campaigning? A snapshot at the halfway point

B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark, NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver have tried dramatically different strategies in the first half of the campaign, when it comes to their travel schedules.

PODCAST: The B.C. Liberal 'troll' truck rolled into the election campaign this week

The One Thing is an original CBC podcast that takes on the big issue that made headlines in the B.C. election campaign this week. In episode two, CBC reporter Richard Zussman looks at the 'troll' truck and negative campaigning in the B.C. election.

'Don't touch me again': The moment the provincial debate changed

Political debates have a reputation for rattling their participants. Add NDP leader John Horgan to that list.

Political Donations: Following the money in B.C. politics

The B.C. Liberals may have raised more than double what the NDP has since 2005, but the NDP scored four of the top five donors overall.

OPINION: NDP losing the fight for fiscal credibility

"When determining which provincial election campaign approach deserves support, one must consider the credibility issue:" Former Liberal finance minister Kevin Falcon.

The Pollcast: Polls and tolls in the B.C. election campaign

As the B.C. election campaign enters its second week Host Éric Grenier is joined by the Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter and the CBC's Richard Zussman to break it down.

Battle over tolls erupts as first major issue of provincial campaign

The B.C. Liberals are veteran campaigners, but the campaign's first week was one they would undoubtedly like to forget.

The NDP's platform is populist and progressive — but are the projections precise?

Call it the NDP mullet platform: balanced business up front, capital spending in the back.

Black top politics, tolls and their role in B.C. elections

The One Thing is an original CBC podcast that looks at the one big issue that made headlines in the B.C. election campaign this week. In episode one, CBC reporter Richard Zussman looks at the past, present and future of tolls in B.C.

The Pollcast: Unpredictable B.C. campaign begins

British Columbians go to the polls on May 9 to decide whether to re-elect Christy Clark's B.C. Liberals or install the B.C. NDP into office after 16 years on the opposition benches. Host Éric Grenier is joined by the Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter and the CBC's Richard Zussman to break it down.

The 'mercurial Irishman': A profile of B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan

One of B.C. NDP Leader John Horgan's biggest challenges is getting people to know who he is. That's why he decided to allow the public a glimpse inside his personal refuge.

Plenty at stake as 2017 B.C. election campaign begins

The main question, as it has been the last three elections, is whether B.C. residents want to re-elect the Liberal Party — but a majority this time would be historic in a way that none of the party's re-elections have been.

NDP kicks off B.C. campaign with a lead and an uncertain future

Just like four years ago, the B.C. New Democrats started the provincial election campaign with a lead in the polls. Unlike four years ago, that lead is narrow and uncertain.

NDP try to snap losing streak in bid to end B.C. Liberal political dynasty

The B.C. provincial election is set to kick off on Tuesday, April 11. For the 28 days after that B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark, B.C. NDP leader John Horgan and Green Party leader Andrew Weaver will be spanning the province looking for votes. The question is are people seeking change or more of the same.

B.C. party leaders attempt to strike balance between vision and attacks

The B.C. NDP and the B.C. Liberals are working on striking the right balance between promoting their own ideas while dismantling their opponents.

We looked at every B.C. government spending announcement over the past month. Here's what we found

A look at every B.C. funding announcement the government made over a one-month period reveals some interesting choices in messaging.

B.C. premier hopes approaching election will help voters forget the past

The B.C. Liberals are hoping voters have short memories. With an election less than two months away the government has shifted direction on MSP premiums, housing affordability, and most recently, political donation reform.

John Horgan's NDP leads the B.C. polls, if you believe them

After being burned by the polls in 2013, can British Columbians trust the latest numbers that put the NDP narrowly ahead of Christy Clark's B.C. Liberals?

With spend-happy budget, Christy Clark aims to neutralize NDP election campaign

As Finance Minister Mike de Jong stood in the legislature to deliver his fifth straight balanced budget, he was putting the final touches on his party’s plan to win a fifth straight majority government.