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B.C. tax rebates for big banks and big business heat up election

B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark is defending the International Business Activity scheme, while the NDP is asking the province’s Auditor General to investigate.

B.C. Liberals accused of secretly imposing 'hidden booze tax'

A report comparing 156 randomly selected products sold at BC government liquor stores shows retail prices have risen 11 per cent since BC Liberals implemented reforms that they said would not hurt consumers.

B.C. Green Party tax plan to create affordable housing is 'overkill,' say experts

The B.C Green party says if it’s elected, it will try to cool the real estate market and make housing more affordable—by hiking property transfer taxes on expensive homes, imposing a capital gains tax to penalize “flipping”, and implement a province-wide foreign buyers tax.

FACT CHECK: NDP plan to build 114,000 homes in 10 years 'incredibly unrealistic' say critics

John Horgan stood in front of a modest $1.2 million Burnaby home last week and told struggling families he will help them to be able to afford housing in B.C., with an ambitious plan critics are calling 'unrealistic.'

Softwood lumber and child poverty: Were Clark's debate claims accurate?

B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark's claim that her party has reduced child poverty by 50 per cent is based on an outdated and invalid statistic, say researchers behind The Child Poverty Report Cards in 2016 and 2017.

Did the NDP really spark a 'decade of decline' as Liberals claim?

A new B.C. Liberal ad takes aim at the B.C. NDP's economic record — more than 16 years ago. Economists say the numbers have less to do with policy brought in by any politician and a lot to do with external factors.

B.C. Liberals' promise to not leave debt for our kids is 'misleading'

At nearly every campaign stop, Christy Clark tells her supporters that her government will "make sure we don't leave our children with a debt. " Economists say Clark comments are misleading.

Is the B.C. Liberal job creation claim 'political spin'?

One of the major election claims made by B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark is that British Columbia leads the country in job creation. But three top economists use words such as “lucky”, “serendipitous” and “cyclical” to describe the reasons behind the job rise.
Fact Check

B.C. NDP campaign ad claim gets failing grade for 'false fact'

In a 2017 election ad, the B.C. New Democrats claim Christy Clark's Liberal party has given a one billion dollar tax break to the province's richest two percent. But where does that number come from? And is it accurate? We 'fact check' the claim with a public policy analyst from SFU.

B.C. NDP and Liberal opioid crisis plans short on details, say critics

The NDP has what it calls an action plan to deal with opioid crisis, but it is big on promises and short on details, says a UBC addictions expert.

Can the NDP deliver on $10-a-day child care?

Child care costs are so high in most of B.C., the monthly cost is equivalent to a second mortgage for many young families. The NDP is pledging to drop the cost to $10 a day. We 'fact check' the promise.

Fact Check: Promises, promises — last election's 'epic fail'

In 2013 the BC Liberals promised liquefied natural gas would start making the province rich by 2017—but the boom went bust before it began. So what happens when election promises run dry? And what should we watch for in this campaign?