Christy Clark: a career timeline of B.C.'s 35th premier

For more than two decades, Christy Clark has been a prominent part of British Columbia's politics — whether in government, opposition or out of office.

Timeline: the B.C. Election that took 52 days

From the polls closing to Guichon's announcement, a look back at how we got here.

Liberals and NDP retool staff in lead-up to government transition

The B.C. Liberals are trimming their staff as they get set to move from government to opposition. In a memo to staff, Premier Christy Clark announced Nick Koolsbergen as the B.C. Liberal caucus's chief of staff.

NDP Leader John Horgan to be sworn in as B.C. premier July 18

NDP Leader John Horgan will officially be sworn in as the 36th premier of British Columbia on July 18. The premier-designate will be sworn in alongside his new cabinet in a ceremony at Government House in Victoria.

Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs named as John Horgan's chief of staff

Longtime Vancouver city councillor Geoff Meggs is stepping down to become the chief of staff for premier-designate John Horgan. The three-term city councillor will begin working immediately as part of Horgan's transition to the premier's office.

B.C. Liberal government loses confidence vote 44-42, sparking either NDP government or election

After 16 years and two months in power, the B.C. Liberals have lost the confidence of the legislature.

John Horgan formally introduces motion of non-confidence in B.C. Liberal government

Seven weeks and a day after the polls closed in British Columbia's provincial election, the end stage has officially begun, but its conclusion is still uncertain.

B.C. Liberals ask for guidance on role of Speaker in ties

With nothing on the agenda for the B.C. Liberals between now and a non-confidence vote they expect to lose Thursday, House Leader Mike de Jong has made a unique request to the Speaker.

NDP to introduce throne speech confidence motion Monday, vote likely Thursday

British Columbia's New Democrats say they will introduce an amended motion Monday that aims to defeat Premier Christy Clark's minority Liberal government.

B.C. Liberal throne speech lays out ambitious vision borrowing from NDP and Green platforms

The B.C. Liberals are proposing dozens of new ideas not included in their election platform in a wide-ranging speech from the throne.

Christy Clark's Liberals deliver throne speech at 2:15 p.m.

More than six weeks after the provincial election, B.C. MLAs are back in Victoria ready to begin a new legislative session.

Speaker speculation: why the next step in B.C. politics hinges on one position

Unless you are the nerdiest of political nerds, before May 2017 you probably hadn't spent much time thinking about who would be the next speaker in B.C.'s Legislature.

B.C. Premier Christy Clark and cabinet sworn in

The new ministers may only be on the job for a few weeks, but today B.C. Premier Christy Clark brought several new faces into her cabinet — while it lasts.

Climate of uncertainty a strange backdrop for Liberal, NDP swearing-in ceremonies

Christy Clark reiterated that she doesn't expect to be B.C. premier much longer, with a confidence vote likely soon after the B.C. Legislature returns on June 22.

Andrew Weaver, John Horgan and Christy Clark to receive apology from government leaders in northern B.C.

The North Central Local Government Association is apologizing for a letter it sent to B.C.'s lieutenant-governor, expressing concern over the constitutionality of an agreement between the provincial NDP and Green Party leaders.

Historic Handshake: NDP-Green pact a first in Canadian history

The One Thing is an original CBC podcast that takes on the big issue that made headlines in the 2017 B.C. election. In episode six, CBC reporter Richard Zussman looks at the historic deal signed by NDP Leader John Horgan and Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver.

Elections BC says 61.5 % of registered voters cast ballots this election

Whatever the final result of the May 2017 provincial election, it's already known that turnout was up.

NDP Leader John Horgan confident none of his MLAs will join Liberals

NDP Leader John Horgan says he is confident his MLAs will remain loyal and none of them will leave the NDP to join the Liberals.

7 things to watch for next in B.C. politics

Following B.C politics in recent weeks has been a lot like riding a roller coaster — it's hard to know what twists and turns to expect. So we've put together this quick guide to seven things that could happen next in B.C. politics.

NDP-Green alliance to focus on electoral reform, stopping Kinder Morgan and banning big money

The NDP and Greens have agreed to work together to ban union and corporate donations, hold a referendum on electoral reform and to stop the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion.

Christy Clark to stay on as B.C. premier — for now

Christy Clark has announced that she intends to try to stay on as British Columbia's premier, despite the province's NDP and Green Party leaders making a pact to give the NDP the support of a majority of MLAs in the legislature.

B.C. Green Party agrees to support NDP in the legislature

The B.C. Green Party has agreed to support the NDP in the legislature, setting up the possibility of 16 years of Liberal rule coming to a dramatic end.

Formal governing arrangement 'very close,' says B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver

B.C. Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver says his party is "very, very close" to announcing a more formal governing arrangement, following the final results of the election earlier this week.

Christy Clark gets 1st chance to govern — but how long can it last?

The B.C. election is over and Premier Christy Clark is back at work running the province. But things are far from normal.

Uncertainty the word as B.C. political parties wrestle for power

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver heads a party with just three MLAs, but those three votes are the difference between either the B.C. Liberals or the NDP having enough support to pass legislation.