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First Nation 'deeply disappointed' after Steelhead LNG pulls out of Vancouver Island project

A Vancouver Island First Nation says it is "deeply disappointed" that a Vancouver-based liquefied natural gas company has pulled out of a planned LNG development just months after it was announced as a major milestone.

B.C. regulator says fracking caused earthquakes near Fort St. John

The B.C. regulator says the events 20 kilometres south of Fort St. John on Nov. 29 occurred because of fluid injections during hydraulic fracturing at a Canadian Natural Resources wellsite.

Rebates, industry incentives at centre of B.C.'s long-term climate plan

B.C. has unveiled its long-awaited plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, which calls for shifting homes, transportation and industry away from fossil fuels and into greener energy.

Squamish First Nation negotiates $225M in benefits from Woodfibre LNG plant

Last week, the council voted to support the project, eight to six, while also requiring the project to meet 25 legally binding environmental conditions, a statement from Squamish First Nation said.

'My town has just been saved': Northeastern B.C. celebrates LNG investment decision

A $40 billion investment decision for northern B.C. announced Monday will inject stability into an economy long characterized by boom and bust, local politicians and business leaders predict.

$40B LNG project in northern B.C. gets go-ahead

The five primary investors have granted their approval for a massive liquefied natural gas project in northern B.C. — with the chief executive of LNG Canada saying it will move "immediately" into construction.

LNG deal close, premier says in UBCM address

In his closing address to the UBCM convention, John Horgan announced a final investment decision from an LNG company could come in the next weeks.

John Horgan offers tax break incentives to $40B Kitimat LNG project

B.C. Premier says offer to LNG Canada is part of a "clear framework" for the approval of any LNG projects under the NDP.

B.C. lacks climate change policies, especially for wildfires and flooding, audit finds

British Columbia has no clear plan to prevent threats such as wildfires, flooding and drought as it works to adapt to the risks posed by climate change, the province's auditor general says.

B.C. environment minister not worried by Weaver's threat to bring down government over LNG

Environment Minister George Heyman says collaboration is key for B.C.'s minority government after a slew of tweets from Green Leader Andrew Weaver expressed his displeasure over the NDP's pursuit of LNG.

'Our blood is still on the land': Tsimshian raise totem pole declaring victory over B.C. LNG project

Members of the Tsimshian First Nation have raised a new totem pole on Lelu Island to celebrate the cancellation of a major LNG project and declare stewardship over the island.

B.C. Liberal leadership hopeful Mike Bernier says party needs to listen to voters

At a Monday event, Bernier spoke of the benefits of lower taxes, lower fees and innovation to stimulate the economy and generate jobs, especially in the resource sector.

BC Ferries upgrades Spirit Class vessels to operate on natural gas

BC Ferries is continuing its move toward liquefied natural gas with an upgrade of its two Spirit Class vessels.

NDP fires B.C. LNG advocate Gordon Wilson from $150K job

Former Liberal leader Gordon Wilson has been let go from his post as the province's LNG advocate. He was first appointed in October 2013.

'I'm scared for my community': northerners react to cancellation of Pacific NorthWest LNG megaproject

News a liquefied natural gas megaproject in Northern B.C. will not be moving forward prompted fear, joy and resignation among people living in the communities directly affected.

Did Canada miss the boat on LNG - or was the price never right?

A National Energy Board report calls Canada a 'latecomer' to the LNG industry, but one expert says the issue is the price, not timing.

Proposed LNG project would emit 360 million metric tonnes of CO2, expert warns

An environmental protection group fighting to overturn federal approval of a $36-billion LNG project in B.C. says the project will hurt Canada's chance of hitting climate far more than forecast, with a 360 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions over its lifetime.

Steelhead LNG project gets early OK from Huu-ay-aht Nation

Steelhead LNG has secured approval from the local First Nation to move forward with a liquefied natural gas facility on the west coast of Vancouver Island, but at such an early stage, few of the project's details are known.

BC Ferries' new Salish Orca arrives on West Coast

The first of three new vessels in the BC Ferries fleet has arrived in B.C. waters following a two-month-long journey from Poland.

British Columbia's top political stories of 2016

The housing crisis, opioid epidemic, pipelines and education dominated the political headlines in 2016. The province also faced heat on political donations and Premier Christy Clark toured British Columbia with one of the world's most famous couples.

New Salish Orca ferry en route to B.C.

The first of three new vessels for the BC Ferries fleet is on its way from Poland. The Salish Class vessels will be the first BC Ferries powered by liquid natural gas.

Squamish LNG opponents stage Howe Sound protest

About 300 people gathered in Squamish, B.C., Sunday to protest a planned liquefied natural gas terminal in Howe Sound.

Pacific NorthWest LNG assessment underestimated risks to salmon, study claims

Young salmon are using the sandy banks near the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG terminal for as a nursery, not just a migration route, and this study's authors challenge whether that was properly considered when Canada approved the controversial project.

Woodfibre LNG plant one step closer to reality with First Nations support, says premier

Premier Christy Clark says LNG in B.C. is one step closer to becoming a reality with First Nations backing and funding in place, during a special announcement about the Woodfibre LNG project today near Squamish.

Anti-pipeline Gitxsan angry over province's deal with unelected band chiefs

Opponents of Pacific Northwest LNG are upset hereditary Gitxan chiefs are working on an agreement with the province to support the project.

Christy Clark says LNG talks are not linked to pipeline approvals

Federal environmental permits for a multibillion-dollar liquefied natural gas terminal in Prince Rupert, B.C. are long overdue, says premier.

Squamish Woodfibre LNG project gets federal environmental approval

The federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change has approved the environmental assessment of a controversial LNG project near Squamish, B.C.

B.C. LNG prosperity fund to get $100M contribution, but not from LNG

A rainy day fund intended to be a product of B.C.'s expected LNG boom will get a $100 million boost. But the money isn't coming from LNG.

Lelu Island LNG project divides First Nations as protest continues

While many First Nations have given at least tentative support to Petronas' LNG project on Lelu Island, Lax Kw'alaams says the territory is theirs, and they will not support it.

B.C. government rejects reports of Petronas LNG project delay

B.C.'s natural gas development minister says the federal election and environmental approval are the only things holding up a proposed $36-billion liquefied natural gas plant in the province.

Fraser Institute study says B.C. LNG delays costing billions in lost revenue

A new study from the Fraser Institute suggests the province is losing tens of billions of dollars a year because of delays to the LNG industry.

Steelhead LNG and Malahat First Nation reach deal over floating LNG facility

The Malahat First Nation and Steelhead LNG have reached a deal to develop an offshore LNG facility in Bamberton, about 40 kilometres north of Victoria, B.C.

Petronas LNG terminal set in salmon's 'Grand Central Station'

New data on salmon that are reared along Flora Bank in the Skeena River raise concern that a new LNG terminal will hurt salmon stocks harvested by first nations who were not consulted.

LNG protected from tax hikes for 25 years in deal with B.C. government

The B.C. government has agreed to compensate a major liquefied natural gas project if it raises taxes on the LNG industry for a 25-year period after the plant starts shipping.

B.C. government plans rare summer legislature session for LNG deal

The B.C. government plans to have a rare summer sitting of the legislature to pass law changes that would clear the way for a controversial LNG facility near Prince Rupert.

TransCanada reaches deals with three more B.C. First Nations for pipeline

TransCanada Corp. says it has reached project agreements with three more First Nations in northern British Columbia to build a pipeline across the province to a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal on the coast.

B.C. LNG project still facing tough headwinds

The B.C. provincial government has done its part to encourage Malaysia's Petronas to invest in a $36 billion liquefied natural gas project on the province's northwest coast. However, the commercial environment is not so clear.

Lax Kw'alaams Band reject $1B LNG deal near Prince Rupert

A natural gas benefit offer worth more than $1 billion has been rejected by a First Nation on B.C.'s northwest coast, but not everyone thinks it will necessarily scuttle the project.

B.C LNG deal worth $1 billion pitched to Lax Kw'alaams First Nation

The B.C. provincial government and Malaysia-based energy company Petronas have offered a $1.15-billion benefits package to the Lax Kw'alaams First Nation on British Columbia's northwest coast in a bid to win support for a proposed liquefied natural gas terminal and pipeline.

Woodfibre LNG worries Squamish First Nation amid Howe Sound revitalization

After years of heavy industry in Squamish, marine life is starting to return to Howe Sound, but the Squamish First Nation says it's concerned that trend could be reversed if the proposed Woodfibre LNG plant is approved.

B.C. LNG sponsorship inappropriate at All Native Basketball Tournament, team says

The captain of a B.C. team playing at the All Native Basketball Tournament in Prince Rupert says he's disappointed event organizers accepted sponsorship money from oil and gas industries.

Exxon Mobil plans $25B LNG investment for B.C. northwest coast

Exxon Mobil is making a bid to get into B.C.'s liquefied natural gas industry with a potential $25 billion dollar investment.

Oil price drop 'hurdle' to B.C. LNG, says Harvard University study

The cost of a barrel of crude oil has plummeted from $107 to less than $50 - which could hinder B.C.'s developing liquefied natural gas industry.

Mary Polak promotes B.C. LNG at Lima Climate Change Conference

B.C. Environment Minister Mary Polak is promoting the province's plans for liquefied natural gas — or LNG — at an international conference on climate change.

LNG terminal proposal could turn Dodge Cove, B.C. into ghost town

The CBC's George Baker paid a visit to the residents of Dodge Cove, B.C. to hear about the tough choice they face: live right next to an LNG terminal - or get out of Dodge.

3 LNG projects get B.C.'s environmental green light

The Environment Ministry says the projects still need permits from all three levels of government, and the LNG export facility is still subject to a federal environmental assessment.

BC Ferries' LNG move approved for 2 Swartz Bay-Tsawwassen ships

BC Ferries is moving ahead with plans to convert its two largest vessels to be able to run on liquefied natural gas, in an effort to save fuel costs after sinking $126 million into marine diesel fuel last year.

ExxonMobil joins British Columbia LNG Alliance

The international energy giant has joined an alliance of companies that is promoting the development of a liquefied natural gas industry in northern British Columbia.

Skeena River First Nations oppose Petronas LNG plant near Prince Rupert

Four B.C. First Nations are declaring their opposition to the proposed Petronas LNG project south of Prince Rupert, citing fears of massive damage to their salmon habitat.

BC Hydro and LNG Canada sign power deal

The backers of a proposed liquefied natural gas export plant in Kitimat, BC, signed a milestone agreement Tuesday to connect up to British Columbia's power grid.

Temporary foreign workers: LNG job offer denied by Premier Christy Clark

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is hitting back at the NDP's claims she plans to bring in temporary foreign workers to build LNG plants instead of focusing on jobs for British Columbians.

Coleman not worried by BG Group LNG delay

B.C.'s minister of natural gas development says the company is just being prudent and responding to global LNG price changes

India workers offered B.C. 's LNG jobs by Christy Clark, says NDP

B.C. Premier Christy Clark is coming under fire for reportedly offering B.C. jobs to workers in India.

BG Group to delay planned B.C. LNG terminal

British oil and gas producer BG Group PLC says it will be the next decade before it goes ahead with a liquefied natural-gas export terminal in Prince Rupert.

B.C.'s LNG industry won't help fight climate change, says Pembina report

A report from the Pembina Institute pokes holes in the British Columbia government's claim that exporting liquefied natural gas is the greatest single step the province can take to fight climate change.

B.C. LNG tax rates lower than first promised

The tax framework for B.C. LNG will begin with rates lower than those tabled in February's budget, resulting in a big drop in projected revenue for the province.

B.C. LNG tax regime announcement coming today

The Minister of Finance has hinted the long-awaited legislation he'll introduce today will be similar to what he talked about last February—a two-tiered tax, balanced between taxpayer benefit and affordability for companies.

Natural gas fracking: repeated short-term water permits legal, judge rules

A judge will not stop the flow of fresh water from British Columbia's lakes and rivers to hydraulic fracking operations, but did recognize the issue as a growing public concern.

Site C dam granted environmental assessment approval

The federal and B.C. governments have issued an environmental assessment certificate to B.C. Hydro for the Site C Clean Energy Project, located seven kilometres southwest of Fort St. John.

B.C. LNG Alliance says LNG boom for B.C. 'not a foregone conclusion'

With the provincial government on the cusp of announcing its tax and environmental regime for liquefied natural gas, the head of an industry group issued a warning Wednesday: the window is closing and B.C.'s trillion-dollar LNG dream is not a foregone conclusion.

Petronas LNG: CEO threatens 15-year delay to B.C. project

Petronas's CEO has issued another warning to the Canadian and B.C. governments that plans for a multibillion-dollar liquefied natural gas facility in northwestern B.C. are in peril.

Christy Clark's LNG dreams to be tested in rare fall legislative session

The B.C. Legislature convenes on Monday for what has become something of a rare event — a fall legislative session — where Premier Christy Clark's liquefied natural gas (LNG) dreams will be put to the test of public scrutiny.

Temporary foreign workers needed for B.C.'s future, says premier

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark has accused federal politicians of "tragically misdirected" policies over the issue of temporary foreign workers, as she pushes for the thousands of skilled labourers needed for her envisioned liquefied natural gas industry.

Petronas LNG project still on the table, says B.C. Energy Minister Rich Coleman

B.C.'s Minister of Natural Gas Development Rich Coleman says he's not concerned about the reports oil and gas giant Petronas is threatening to pull the plug on a $10-billion dollar liquefied natural gas project.

Petronas may pull out of B.C. LNG project, reports suggest

Malaysian state-owned energy company Petronas is threatening to pull out of a liquefied natural gas project on the north coast of British Columbia, the Financial Times reported Thursday.

BC Ferries converting Spirit Class vessels to LNG

The two largest BC Ferries vessels are going to be running on natural gas by 2018, the ferry corporation announced today.

Chevron won't be rushed on Kitimat LNG decision

The CEO of Chevron Corp. says numerous hurdles must be cleared before the U.S. oil giant can decide the fate of its planned liquefied natural gas project in Kitimat, B.C.

Kitimat LNG plant picks Chiyoda-led group for engineering

LNG Canada has chosen a consortium lead by Japan’s Chiyoda Corp. to do preliminary engineering for its $10-billion natural gas liquefaction terminal in Kitimat, B.C.