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B.C. budget surplus should have been better spent, say critics

Critics are questioning why the B.C. government is not using its $879 million budget surplus to put more money into key services.

B.C. Budget: Provincial budget provides meagre benefits for most, says social policy expert

A professor of social policy says the recently announced provincial budget provides meagre benefits for most British Columbians.

B.C. Budget 2015: Canada's only province in the black

British Columbia's higher than expected surplus of close to a billion dollars puts the province in a one-of-a-kind club.

B.C. Budget 2015: what’s in it for families?

Single parents on income assistance can keep all of their child support payments beginning in September, the B.C. government announced in its budget Tuesday.

B.C. Budget 2015: Five things you need to know

The new B.C. budget has some small goodies for those at the top and at the bottom of the income ladder. Find out which ones apply to you.

B.C. Budget 2015: 10 highlights

The B.C. government tabled a surplus budget today that contained a few small tax breaks for families, along with some modest increases for health care and education.

B.C. Budget 2015: Wishlist for public education, child poverty, healthcare

Budget Day is a chance to dream for many organizations across B.C., and although the government has already lowered expectations for today's budget, many are still putting together wish lists.

Mike de Jong's resoled shoes and other B.C. budget fashion trends

British Columbia's Finance Minister Mike de Jong is once again bucking the budget day tradition of buying a new pair of shoes.

B.C. budget: LNG dreams downplayed as government preaches patience

B.C. Finance Minister Mike de Jong will unveil the budget on Tuesday, his third since taking over the job in 2012 and the expectations for excitement are low.

B.C. Budget 2015 coverage on CBC

Tune in to CBC radio, television, and online, Tuesday, February 17 for the most complete coverage of the 2015 BC Provincial Budget. We'll be live from Victoria as Finance Minister Mike de Jong delivers the provincial budget speech for the year.

B.C. will balance budget in 2015, promises Premier Christy Clark

Premier Christy Clark says she expects B.C. will be one of only two provinces in Canada to table a balanced budget for the coming year.