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Celebrating teachers: Favourite schooltime memories

Nearly everyone has memories of a favourite teacher from their schooldays, someone who inspired and helped shape who they are today.

Back-to-school challenges a welcome change, says B.C.'s education minister

B.C. Education Minister Rob Fleming said although the adjustments are challenging and not all the school districts have met the start-of-school deadline, it marks a welcome change to discussions about public education in the province.

Portables not ready as school starts in Greater Victoria

In some of the province’s school districts, the bigger problem isn’t the need for more portables, but that the necessary portables aren’t ready as classes start.

Education programs struggling to keep up with demand for more teachers

With the need for teachers so high in British Columbia right now, there isn’t a better time to go into teacher training, and the spike in enrolment numbers at post-secondary institutions across the province is reflecting the demand.

BCTF Supreme Court victory: how does it help students with learning disabilities?

Nancy Perry, a UBC professor and recipient of the Dorothy Lam chair in special education, said it will take time to see the results in the classroom for special education students, despite the landmark Supreme Court decision.

Prince George, B.C., reopens elementary school because of Supreme Court victory

The Supreme Court decision awarding teachers the opportunity to restore class sizes to their smaller 2002 levels has allowed an elementary school in Prince George, B.C., to reopen.

BCTF meeting with province to determine how to attract teachers to B.C.

The B.C. Teachers' Federation is meeting with the province to discuss measures to help B.C. school districts recruit and retain teachers — both from within this province and elsewhere in Canada.

B.C. welcomes record number of international K-12 students

B.C.'s non-resident student program is lucrative, bringing in an estimated $387.8 million in economic activity in 2015.

Financial worries of back-to-school shopping hard on low-income families

Students across Metro Vancouver head back to school next week but for youth living in low-income communities, this time of year can be particularly challenging.

After long dry spell for jobs, B.C. teaching programs see increase in applications

Many new teachers in B.C. have long faced years of substitute teaching before being offered permanent positions. But the new glut of jobs has resulted in an uptick in interest in what has long been seen as a demanding but satisfying career.

High school graduation rate among Aboriginal students up 10 per cent in B.C.

However, it's still more than 18 per cent behind the general provincial average and advocates say there's a long way to go.

Student loan help? Higher wages? What will lure more teachers to B.C.?

The B.C. Teachers' Federation says it's time to look at bigger incentives — student loan forgiveness programs for new teachers, help with moving expenses or higher starting salaries for example — in order to fill the classrooms with qualified teachers.

How to prevent and cope with children's back to school anxieties

Anyone who's ever had to experience the heartbreak of leaving a crying child behind on the first day of school knows it can be a trying time. Anxiety B.C. has come up with a 12-point plan to help parents support anxious children as summer comes to a close.

B.C. still has hundreds of teaching vacancies with school year weeks away

School districts across B.C. are still looking for teachers to fill hundreds of full-time and part-time positions.

No more tuition fees for adult basic education or English language learning in B.C.

The B.C. government is eliminating tuition fees on adult basic education or English language learning programs, reversing a 2015 decision by previous the government.