Topic: 2050 degrees of change

If climate change is inevitable, here's how B.C. can survive

A decade ago, few people talked about adapting to climate change — but now, preparing for hotter, longer summers, rising sea levels and increased rainfall is a pressing concern for municipalities in British Columbia.

More than a few acres: the vital importance of snow to B.C.'s climate

This ancient snow forest in B.C.'s Interior illustrates how snow is crucial to maintaining one of B.C.'s most precious resources — fresh water.

Listen to our podcast 2050: Degrees of Change

CBC Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe explores how our world and lives will adapt to climate change by 2050.

A tale of 3 cities: B.C. municipalities take action on climate change

"The rubber hits the road at the city level. That's where you actually see change happening and see it being implemented."

Climate change cost: What will be B.C.'s price tag?

"Some spending is going to have to happen [and we have to] make sure it's as evidence-based as possible and be responsible about it,' says former B.C. Liberal finance minister Kevin Falcon about uncertain financial forecasts.

Canada's climate leader no more: how B.C. fell from the top

Climate researcher Tom Pedersen says one crucial political mistake — freezing the carbon tax — had a devastating effect on B.C.'s climate and reputation as a Canada's climate leader.

Citizen's Cool Kit: How individuals and neighbourhoods can lower their carbon footprint

"People think about climate change as sort of a big general thing and what can I do about it. In reality, everybody has to do a lot."

4 ways technology can help mitigate climate change

One of the biggest unknowns is how far technology will mitigate or change the effects of climate change. Here are four ways technology could make a difference.

California dreaming?: How climate change could remake B.C.'s agricultural industry

Climate change could decimate California's agricultural industry — can B.C. pick up the slack?

Shifting climate baselines in B.C: Get ready for the new normal

For those of you hoping for more summer days in the forecast, you should be getting your wish by 2050. But climate change has already considerably shifted what we consider normal here in British Columbia, and that has come with a cost.

Climate change in B.C.: Here's how 2050 could look

Climate change has been blamed for raging forest fires, devastating floods and shrinking glaciers, but scientists have determined the effects will look different in various regions of B.C.

Reporter's Notebook: A new perspective — crafting a climate change podcast

The journey to discover what climate change will do to B.C. in the year 2050 offered new perspective to meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe.