British Columbia

Top 10 excuses for driving with cellphone

Police across B.C. issued more than 3,500 tickets to drivers using a hand-held electronic device behind the wheel and have collected some of the most frequently heard excuses from drivers.

Police in B.C. issued more than 3,500 distracted-driving tickets to drivers in September who were using an electronic device while behind the wheel, the Insurance Corporation of B.C. says.

The flurry of citations came during a month-long crackdown by police across the province.

 "It’s evident that there are still a lot of drivers who don’t realize that distracted driving can have tragic consequences," said Shirley Bond, B.C. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General. "We need to stop making excuses and adopt new driving habits."

Here are the top excuses that police heard from drivers who were caught using a hand-held device while driving, according to the ICBC:

  • This is a bogus law.
  • It was my boss on the phone – I had to answer it.
  • I wasn’t using it – I just like to hold it.
  • Sorry officer, I didn’t see you trying to pull me over because I was on my phone.
  • But it was an emergency call to my wedding planner!
  • My Bluetooth died.
  • Driver: I’m using my speakerphone. Police officer: No, you’re holding your phone in one hand and steering with the other.
  • I’m not driving; I was stopped at a red light.
  • I wasn’t talking, I was checking my messages.
  • I was just checking the time.