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Tom Mulcair repeats calls for a missing women's inquiry, talks TPP

Tom Mulcair said it's time for the Liberals to deliver on an inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women, and release the full text of the TPP.

Tom Mulcair to supporters: expect NDP MPs to be 'outspoken'

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair spoke in Vancouver, B.C. Sunday, calling the defeat of Stephen Harper the real victory. (CBC)

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair addressed B.C. New Democrats during the provincial party's convention in Vancouver Sunday.

He repeated calls in front of the gathered crowd for, as he called it, a "long overdue" inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has promised to launch an inquiry, to look closer at tragedies like the Robert Pickton murders and the as-yet unsolved Highway of Tears deaths.

"The new government must call a long-overdue inquiry," said Mulcair to applause.

"I am in fact optimistic that one will be called, but we need to get it done right. And that work begins by consulting families on how the inquiry should be done."

Mulcair also called on the government to release the text of the "the biggest trade deal in Canadian history," the Trans-Pacific partnership, or TPP.

"This was a trade deal negotiated in secret behind closed doors. Canadians did not see the text of that agreement before the election,"

He called on the new government to release the text, including side agreements.

Mulcair says the party will continue to uphold the values of leaders such as Jack Layton and former Saskatchewan premier Tommy Douglas, including free universal health care and environmental protection.

He says Canada's health-care system is something all residents should be proud of.


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