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Tom Billings clues sought in latest aerial video footage

North Shore Rescue posted video recorded from a helicopter flying over the Hanes Valley area Grouse Mountain in an effort to find missing British tourist Tom Billings.

North Shore Rescue hopes the public can spot anomalies in the video shot from a helicopter

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The ground and air search for missing British tourist Tom Billings has been suspended, but the search for clues into his disappearance continues online.

North Shore Rescue has posted high-resolution video footage shot from a helicopter Friday over Hanes Valley in the hopes that an eagle-eyed viewer can spot something, anything, amiss in the scenery that could lead searchers to some answers.

"The more people that review the videos, the faster we can find Tom and give his family closure. Please review each video, and look closely for anything that seems out of place," North Shore Rescue wrote in the video's description on YouTube.

The video shows various features in an area called the Upper Hanes boulder field, which lies in the valley that connects hikers from Lynn Headwaters Park to Grouse Mountain.

Tom Billings is 5'7″ with blonde short hair and blue eyes. He was last seen wearing a black jacket and grey military-style pants. (Vancouver Police Department)

Billings, 22, went missing while visiting Vancouver at the end of November. Police and searchers believe he headed out for a solo hike on near Grouse Mountain or near the Hanes Valley area.

North Shore Rescue says the day Billings went missing he was wearing a black jacket with a hood, a green T-shirt, grey trekking pants and dark brown, UK-size 10.5 hiking boots, and that he had a Nikon Coolpix camera with him.

On Saturday afternoon, the Vancouver Police Department announced that the search for Tom Billings had been indefinitely suspended.

Const. Brian Montague said air and ground searches of the North Shore mountains and valleys have uncovered no signs of the man, who went missing Nov. 25.

"All of the tips provided to police about Mr. Billings have been followed up and all investigative leads exhausted," he said in a written statement. "Any focused mountain searches will be discontinued unless police receive additional and credible information."

Montague said North Shore Rescue will continue to look for clues pointing to Billings' whereabouts, but only during the course of regular duties and other searches.

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