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Tineke Kraal pleads guilty to mischief in mountain bike trap case

A North Vancouver woman accused of setting traps for mountain bikes on some popular trails is expected to plead guilty at a hearing later this year, according to her lawyer.

Traps set on two North Shore bike trails allegedly caught on camera

Tineke Kraal, 64, has pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of mischief in connection with traps that were allegedly set on mountain bike trails on Vancouver's North Shore. (Tineke Kraal/Facebook)

A North Vancouver woman accused of setting traps for mountain bikes on some popular trails has pleaded guilty to mischief in relation to property, according to court records.

Tineke Kraal, 64, initially faced multiple charges including setting a trap and mischief endangering life, but pleaded guilty Friday to the lesser criminal charge of mischief rendering property dangerous, useless or inoperative.

Two mountain bikers used a wildlife camera to capture images of a woman allegedly dragging obstructions onto some popular mountain bike trails. (Walleater)

She was allegedly caught on camera in January and December laying logs, branches and rocks on two popular North Shore mountain bike trails.

The cameras had been set by two mountain bikers who wanted to find out who was putting obstructions across Quarry and Lower Skull trails on Mt. Fromme.

North Vancouver RCMP said the bikers brought them the video evidence, and Kraal was arrested leaving the trails early Sunday morning, on Jan. 4.

Her sentencing hearing is scheduled for March 2016.

Mountain biker Paulo Costa descends a section of Lower Skull trail on North Vancouver's Mt. Fromme. (Paulo Costa/YouTube)

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