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Police investigating man for alleged package theft from houses in Burnaby

Police are investigating a man who appears to be hitting Burnaby houses using a unique approach to steal packages.

Suspect leaves flyer inviting homeowners to a religious event

Surveillance video captures an alleged package thief who appears to leave a pamphlet, right, as cover to approach potential victims' homes. (Laura Hieda)

Police are investigating a man who appears to be hitting Burnaby houses using a unique approach to steal packages.

Laura Hieda was one of the alleged suspect's recent victims and says she caught him stealing from her delivery on a surveillance camera.

She says the man stole a video game controller and a watch strap from their package but did leave a package of diapers Hieda ordered.

Also left behind: a flyer inviting the family to a religious event on April 2.

Theological thievery?

Hieda reviewed her surveillance recordings and was surprised by what she found.

At first it looks like the suspect is dropping off a flyer.

WATCH: Suspect drops off flyer at home, appears to return to steal delivery

Burnaby RCMP are investigating a suspect who is stealing packages from homes, apparently using religious pamphlets as a cover for their approach. 1:14

A few minutes after supposedly dropping off the flyer, the thief appears to return to steal the delivery,

Hieda suspects the thief, undeterred by the two surveillance cameras, was likely using the religious pamphlets as a cover.

"It's heartbreaking especially when using religion of all things to mask thievery."

Preventing more thefts

CBC went to the address listed on the pamphlet.

However, nobody was there and the main office number wouldn't comment on whether the event on the pamphlet is real or if it's even their pamphlet.

A pamphlet supposedly left by a thief who is stealing packages from doorsteps in Burnaby. (Laura Hieda)

Burnaby RCMP say they're investigating the matter. 

Meanwhile, the homeowners have posted the surveillance video on the internet to warn other potential victims.

"[To] save heartbreak for another family. For us, it was a few items here and there, for someone else it might be something big for them." 

Late Friday, police said they had identified a suspect.

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