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Surrey's 10 worst crash locations revealed

Surrey RCMP are shining a light on the city's worst and deadliest intersections following a string of serious and deadly vehicle collisions.

Data collected over 3 years shows the city's worst and deadliest locations

Police say a 19-year-old man caused a multi-vehicle crash at 96th Avenue and 128th Street in Surrey on Sunday, April 17, 2016. (Shane MacKichan)

Surrey RCMP are shining a light on the city's worst intersections following a string of serious or deadly traffic incidents last month.

Police say every week in May there was a serious or deadly crash. Last year in Surrey, 19 people were killed as a result of a vehicle collision. Another 20 people were seriously injured.

The total number of pedestrians struck by a vehicle in 2018 reached 290. RCMP say drivers' high risk behaviour such as distracted or impaired driving and speeding contributed in large part to these collisions. 

Traffic analysts have gathered data over the last three years to identify the worst and most deadly crash spots to date.

The following map shows Surrey's 10 worst intersections with the number of crashes at each.

  1. 128th Street and 96 Avenue: 24.
  2. 96th Avenue and King George Boulevard: 18.
  3. 104th Avenue and King George Boulevard: 18.
  4. 64th Avenue and King George Boulevard: 17.
  5. 176th Street and Fraser Highway: 16.
  6. 128th Street and 72nd Avenue: 16.
  7. 72nd Avenue and King George Boulevard: 15.
  8. 68th Avenue and King George Boulevard: 14.
  9. 128th Street and 80th Avenue: 14.
  10. 88th Avenue and King George Boulevard: 13.

For more information on road safety, visit the Protect Yourself section of the Surrey RCMP website.


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