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The Revenant: Actor Grace Dove talks about performing with Leonardo DiCaprio

The B.C. First Nations actor who plays Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in The Revenant says she had nothing but great experiences working opposite the acclaimed movie star.

Grace Dove says she was overjoyed to get the news she got a part in the made in B.C. film

Q & A with Grace Dove of The Revenant

7 years ago
Duration 3:26
The B.C. actor describes her experiences playing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio.

The B.C. First Nations actor who plays Leonardo DiCaprio's wife in The Revenant says she had nothing but great experiences working opposite the acclaimed movie star. 

"It's crazy, obviously everyone's in love with Dicaprio, who wouldn't be?" Grace Dove said, laughing.

"I went in there not having too many expectations and I walked out the movie just like, 'Oh! he's really a wonderful guy, inside and out.'"

The film, recently released in theatres in Canada, is set in Montana and South Dakota but was filmed in parts of B.C.

Dove said she was on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver when she got the call from her agent confirming she had the part. 

"If people saw me they probably would have laughed because I'm sure I would have been dancing," she said. 

Watch the video at the top of the story to hear about her experiences on set with DiCaprio. 

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