British Columbia

The Really Gay Tour: a sneak peek

Forbidden Vancouver's newest addition to its fleet of walking tours takes a look at the city's sometimes painful, frequently colourful queer history.

'This is a celebration not just for the queer community, but for all of us,' says tour creator

Glenn Tkach leads guests on The Really Gay History Tour through downtown Vancouver. (Forbidden Vancouver/Kiri Marr Photography)

A walking tour company, known for illuminating Vancouver's lesser known history, has added a new tour to its repertoire that takes a look at the city's sometimes painful, frequently colourful queer history.

"These are some dark stories and, without disrespecting that struggle, I think it's important to make the point that, nowadays, you can dress head-to-toe in pink and walk through the village down a rainbow crosswalk," said Glenn Tkach, a storyteller with the walking tour company Forbidden Vancouver,

Dressed head-to-toe in pink himself, Tkach gave CBC's Matt Meuse an exclusive preview of what the new tour has to offer.

"It's really the story of all of us as a society becoming more accepting of elements within our society that we used to want to suppress," said Tkach.

"This is a celebration not just for the queer community, but for all of us."

Click on the colourful icons in the interactive map below to learn more about some of the locations visited during the tour.

(Photos in map submitted by Glenn Tkach)

Listen to the full interview below.