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The latest design trend calls for simple luxuries

Hygge, the latest design trend from Denmark, emphasizes simplicity and the use of tones and materials found outside to create a cozy warm inside.

Hygge hails from Denmark — and brings the outside indoors

Designer Karla Dreyer explains what the Danish look of Hygge is all about 4:21

The seemingly always packed showrooms at Ikea prove that Scandinavian design is a popular concept for North Americans seeking simple and affordable furniture and decorations.

For Danes, the art of living simply but stylishly is known as Hygge.  And designer Karla Dreyer says it's not just a way to decorate — it's a way to life.

"This is about bringing in more texture to something special so whether it be a pillow or a throw or a woven basket or reading blanket, you make sure it's cozy and you have it out and ready for you for when you get home," said Dreyer

Creating a warm home is a big deal in Denmark. Dreyer says she looked up the stats and discovered fifty per cent of people in Denmark light a candle every day. It's a simple pleasure but makes a huge difference in making the ordinary feel extraordinary.

Designer and decorator Karla Dreyer says Hygge is all about the creative use of simple and natural items. (karladreyerdesign.com)

Bring the outdoors inside

She showed Our Vancouver host Gloria Macarenko how to make a candle with real coffee beans in the holder along with a vanilla scented candle.

Dreyer says using light in a different way helps create the feeling of coziness — and it can be done in pocket friendly ways. She uses a small set of dollar store Christmas lights in a wood bowl to create warm lighting.

The designer says another component of Hygge is bringing the outside indoors with a basic pussy willow branch in a glass bottle.

"It's not about consumption. It's about creating meaningful design for things you use and love to look at every day."

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