'The end of an era': Cory Weeds's Cellar jazz club closes

After 13 years, the Cellar jazz club in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood closed its doors for good.

Vancouver jazz bar put on final sold out show Wednesday night in Vancouver

Downbeat magazine called it one of the world's best jazz clubs 2:05

When the Cellar opened 13 years ago, it quickly became the centre for jazz music in Vancouver.

Wednesday night, the much-loved, but financially strapped club put on its last show to a sold out crowd in Kitsilano. The club was named one of the world's best jazz clubs by Downbeat Magazine.

Owner Corey Weeds said saying goodbye has been hard, but the last few years have been a challenge.

The Cellar jazz club was named one of the best jazz clubs in the world by Downbeat Magazine. (CBC )

"A lot goes through my mind. You know, it's exciting, it's sad, it's the end of an era if you will," he said.

The venue featured international musicians and gave up-and-coming performers a stage to play on.

Weeds said he is passionate about playing music, running a record label and booking performers. But, he does not enjoy managing the restaurant, something that has required his undivided attention.

"It's taken a few years off my life, I think," he said.

"It's never been something I've been passionate about, it's never been something I've even been trying to become passionate about. And that has been very difficult but I've managed to do it."

Weeds continues to book concerts at different locations, and said he may eventually consider opening another club. Even with the Cellar closing, he said he is busier than ever.

One thing Weeds definitely won't be giving up is his saxophone.

"It'll kind of take my mind off the emotion of what's happening at the club."

with files from the CBC's Tim Weekes