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'Thank you Canada': Syrian refugee fulfilling dreams of becoming a pharmacist on Haida Gwaii

A Syrian refugee is thanking Canada for giving her a chance to resume her path towards becoming a pharmacist after starting a new job on Haida Gwaii.

Magdalena Saied began work this week at Forbes Pharmacy in Queen Charlotte

Magdalena Saied says she's always wanted to help others. On Oct. 26 she began working at a pharmacy on Haida Gwaii, putting her back on the path to becoming a pharmacist. (Carolina de Ryk/CBC)

A Syrian refugee is thanking Canada for giving her the chance to get back on the path towards becoming a pharmacist after starting a new job in Queen Charlotte City this week.

Magdalena Saied says she always wanted to help others, and was in her third year of studies to become a pharmacist when the Syrian war became too much to handle.

Saied said trying to go to school in Aleppo isn't safe: "It's bombing every place, everywhere ... You don't know if you will come back to your house or not." 

Magdalena Saied wrote this letter to thank Canadians for their generosity in taking in Syrian refugees like herself and her husband. (Carolina de Ryk/CBC)

Saied and her husband fled to Turkey and earlier this year were accepted into Canada. They were sponsored by volunteers in Sandspit, a community of fewer than 600 people on Haida Gwaii. 

"It's an amazing place, and people here are so kind. Everyone wants to help us," Saied said of her new community. "It's nice."

Over the summer, Saied began volunteering at a pharmacy in nearby Queen Charlotte City and this week was hired on as an employee. The job means she will be able to resume her studies and fulfill her dreams.

"I want to say thank you, our sponsors and all people always help us," she said.

"Thank you Canada."

To hear Magdalena Saied tell her story, click on the audio labeled: 'Thank you Canada: Syrian refugee fulfilling dreams of becoming a pharmacist on Haida Gwaii'

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