British Columbia

Taser used on driver of stolen Vancouver car

Police used a Taser on the driver of a stolen car who refused orders to get out of the vehicle and surrender.
Three people were arrested at the scene where the car was pinned, police say. (CBC)

Officers smashed a side window in a stolen car and used a Taser on the driver to prevent him trying to escape, Vancouver police say.

The stolen vehicle was spotted on West 12th Avenue near Ontario Street Wednesday afternoon and police pinned the vehicle in with their cruisers.

But the driver kept trying to manoeuvre the stolen car into a position to escape when officers broke the window and used the stun weapon, said Const. Lindsey Houghton.

The male driver was taken to hospital for examination while another man and a woman were taken into custody. Houghton said one of the officers involved is believed to have broken a finger during the arrest.