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Tamara Baluja is the social media editor for CBC Vancouver.

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Vancouver gelato shop sets world record for most flavours

East Vancouver's La Casa Gelato has claimed the Guinness World Record with its 238 flavours.

Vancouver man says he cycled every city street over 3 years — then had his bike stolen

It took a cycling enthusiast three years to bike every street in Vancouver — and then his bike got stolen two days later after he finished.

A century ago, a British war bride sailed to Canada. Now her granddaughter shares her story

The granddaughter of a First World War bride is urging families to share the stories of the women who followed soldiers back to Canada 100 years ago.

'Democracy is awesome': Former Syrian refugees vote as Canadian citizens

They came as Syrian refugees. Now they’re voting for the first time as Canadian citizens in the federal election.

Vast majority willing to pay day-use fee for Joffre Lakes: BC Parks survey

The vast majority of visitors to Joffe Lakes would be willing to pay a day-use fee, according to a new survey released by BC Parks.

This is a reminder from your library. Your books are now more than 50 years overdue

You're not alone if you've ever kept a library book for an extra couple of days to finish off the last, juicy chapter. But you likely can't match how long these books were overdue.
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Why are orcas called killer whales?

They're the apex predators of the sea, but many feel the whales' long-used common name demonizes them.

'I struggle with what to do with my Indian background': Actress cast in Shakespeare play set in South Asia

When Sarena Parmar was growing up in Kelowna, B.C., there were very few high school students — or adults — who looked like her. Now she's a professional actress who says diversity matters.

B.C. Parks pulls down visitor data after errors found

This happened after CBC published an article last week on the most popular parks in the province, which also showed a substantial drop in visitors in 2017-2018 at Cypress Park.

'We're just like everybody else': New play tackles misconceptions about disabilities, love and sex

A new theatre production in New Westminster, B.C., wants its audience to consider what dating, romance and sex is like for people with disabilities.

Elk burgers anyone? Holiday dinners beyond turkey and ham

No matter where in the world you're from, Christmas is about more than just presents and tradition. It’s also about food, lots of it, surrounded by family. What's served for Christmas dinner varies from country to country, and family to family.

'Never seen anything like it': 200 dolphins spotted from ferry

Passengers on a ferry between Nanaimo and Horseshoe Bay were treated to an incredible sight on Tuesday.

You're not alone: Vancouverites share their stories of loneliness

Young adults, between 25 and 35 are the hardest hit by social isolation in Metro Vancouver, according to a report.

10 mayoral campaigns to watch in Metro Vancouver as election race enters final days

Three. Days. Left.
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Campaign like an opposition leader, and you just might become one

If you'd like a hint at who is doing better than expected, take a look at who the majority of the candidates in the race are attacking.