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Syringe found at McDonald's PlayPlace in Misson, B.C.

Two mothers from Mission, B.C. were shocked to find their children playing with a syringe in a McDonald's play area on Tuesday.

McDonald's has since apologized, cleaned the play area and increased surveillance

Syringe found in McDonald's PlayPlace

8 years ago
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Two Mission, B.C., mothers discovered their young sons were playing with parts of a syringe

It's one thing to get a surprise toy with your Happy Meal, but this is something entirely different.

Carley Rempel showed the CBC this photo of the foil and syringe she and another mother found at McDonald's PlayPlace in Mission, B.C. (CBC)

Two mothers from Mission, B.C. were watching their children in a McDonald's play area on Tuesday, when they discovered their young boys were playing with a syringe.

Camille Pickering's four -year-old son Alex was in McDonald's PlayPlace with some friends he had just made, when she spotted part of a syringe in his hand.

"I couldn't believe that it was in a child's play area, that someone had placed it there," said Pickering.

Carley Rempel's two-year-old son Knox was also in the PlayPlace. Knox had the plunger from the syringe in his hand.

Carley Rempel saw her two-year-old son Knox playing in the McDonald's PlayPlace with a plunger from a syringe in his hand. (CBC)

"My first thought was Hep C... HIV," said Rempel. "Then I got really angry, thinking of all places to shoot up, why would you have to do it in a McDonald's PlayPlace?"

Rempel rounded up her son, cleaned him up in the washroom and took him to a doctor. Neither boy showed any signs of infection.

The families also searched the area for a needle, but they only found burned foil in addition to the plunger and casing from the syringe. The casing had dried blood on it.

Both the parents and restaurant staff called the RCMP and McDonald's closed the PlayPlace immediately.

Staff cleaned the play area with hospital-grade materials and the area has now been inspected and approved by police and a health inspector.

Video surveillance has been increased and the PlayPlace will be locked at night.

Camille Pickering, who found her four-year-old son Alex playing with part of a syringe in the McDonald's play area, says she won't go back. (CBC)

The restaurant has also apologized to both families, but despite the actions McDonald's has taken, both families say they won't go back.

"There's other places to go and play. And we've got a huge backyard. Chickens to play with. He'll be fine," said Pickering.

"I just want other moms to know what happened in case something like this happens again," said Remple.

"So other moms can be aware. I will not go back and take him back to somewhere like that again."

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With files from the CBC's Jesse Johnston