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Newly arrived Syrians enjoy snow day on Mount Seymour

"They're apprehensive, in awe, a little tentative but just having a great time. Look at their faces, they're just smiling and coming back for more," said ski instructor Carol Griffiths.

Hundreds of refugee families invited to North Shore mountains, many experience snow for the first time

Mohammad was one of 350 refugees invited to Mt. Seymour for a fun event, which for many was the first time they had ever seen or felt snow. (Deb Goble/CBC)

Hundreds of refugee families headed to Mount Seymour on Sunday to play in the snow, try skiing or snowboarding and have a barbecue.

Snowsuit and snowshoes on! (Deb Goble/CBC)

"I can only imagine if our family went though what they've had, how much we would appreciate it if they reached out and welcomed us and [made] us feel comfortable and part of the country," said Eddie Wood, general manager for Mount Seymour.

Mount Seymour made equipment to ski, snowboard, or toboggan free for refugee families. (CBC)

All the winter clothing was donated while hundreds of volunteers, from translators to ski instructors, came to help as well.

The families came from all over Metro Vancouver and for many, it was their first time in the snow. 

Officials at Mount Seymour said they've been touched by stories of Syrian families trying to adapt to their new lives in the Lower Mainland. (Deb Goble/CBC)

"They're apprehensive, in awe, a little tentative but just having a great time," said ski instructor Carol Griffiths. "Look at their faces, they're just smiling and coming back for more."

"What I can relate to is seeing the excitement and the nervousness ... being out here in the snow, and that I can relate to and it gives us all goosebumps," said volunteer, Jenny Wesanko.

Refugee families attending a free event on Mount Seymour were treated to some barbeque. (Deb Goble/CBC)

with files from Deborah Goble