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High school athletes struggle to score scholarships in COVID times

About 6,500 students across the country are vying for athletic scholarships to take their sport to the college or university level in 2021. But with many games and competitions cancelled there are fewer opportunities for the athletes to get the attention of talent scouts.

For first aid classes during the pandemic, it's pool-noodle mannequins to the rescue

First aid training classes can no longer have students partner up to practise their skills on each other because of the COVID-19 pandemic. One charity came up with an inventive solution.

'School yard politics' over wine infuriates B.C.-based Alberta winery owner

Some Alberta business owners, who produce their wines in B.C., are finding the Notley government's announcement of a ban on B.C. wines tough to swallow.

Parents fear 'germ zone' at school where 25% of kids stayed home sick this week

One quarter of students at Hammond Elementary School called in sick Monday as the school battles a variety of illnesses.

TransLink says it is 'preparing for the worst' this winter

TransLink unveiled plans and improvements for this winter after last year's record snowfall.

Chronic pain: Children face extra challenges

For Ellen Christian, 18, the pain started as a twinge in her knee while on vacation five years ago. In a matter of three months, she was bedridden.

Pain management training for doctors faces funding issues

It took more than seven years of lobbying, but the first two residents in Canada's first accredited pain medicine program will begin their training this July at Western University's Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry.

Chronic pain training introduced for B.C.'s family doctors

Sixty physicians from all over B.C. are wrapping up a course on the latest pain management research and techniques. It's part of a new chronic pain medicine program developed by the Doctors of B.C., formerly known as the B.C. Medical Association.
Point of View

Why was John Silva's chronic pain undiagnosed for so long?

CBC reporter Susana da Silva begins examining the state of chronic pain diagnosis and management in Canada, following her family's draining ordeal to try to find some relief for her father.