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RCMP investigating after bizarre head-on collision and street fight put 3 in hospital

RCMP are investigating after what appears to be a car chase led to a street fight in Surrey, B.C., on Saturday.

'Usually, my kids, we're playing out here ... it feels very scary,' says father who lives nearby crash scene

In this screenshot, a man can be seen moments before he's struck by a car in the area of 135A Street and 88 Avenue in Surrey, B.C. The cars on the right hand side of the screen, seen smoking, had collided head-on moments earlier. (Supplied)

RCMP are investigating after what appeared to be a car chase led to a street fight in what neighbours describe as an ordinarily quiet neighbourhood in Surrey, B.C., on Saturday.

Multiple people called 911 after several vehicles were seen speeding down a residential street in the area of 135A and 88 Avenue around 7:45 p.m. PT. 

The situation ended with a head-on collision and at least one person being hit by a car.

Security video supplied to CBC News shows a number of cars driving down the road before a black vehicle drives back in the opposite direction. That car jumps the curb to avoid oncoming traffic, but hits another vehicle head-on after veering back onto the pavement.

In the video, passengers jump out of both cars involved in the collision. One runs onto a nearby lawn, where he's struck by a third vehicle. He flies through the air, lands on top of the car and the other men eventually run away.

WARNING: Graphic content. This video shows the man being struck after a head-on collision between two other cars:

WARNING: Graphic content. Security tape shows car chase, brawl in Surrey, B.C.

4 years ago
Duration 1:22
Security video supplied to CBC News shows a number of cars speeding down a residential street in Surrey, B.C., in a chase that ended with at least one person being hit by a car.

On Monday, RCMP said responding officers found three men who were allegedly involved in the incident. All three were taken to hospital — one with serious injuries and two with minor injuries. 

A Nissan Maxima and a Ford Taurus were seized at the scene.

Louise Brown said the crash happened directly in front of her home. 

"We thought someone hit the house," she said Monday, describing the bang she heard when the cars collided.

"By the time the RCMP arrived, they were gone."

Brown said Mounties were in the neighbourhood until  at least 1 a.m., combing the area with flashlights and K9 dogs before tow trucks came to move several cars off the street.

"It looks like a movie or actors, so it doesn't look like something that happens in front of my house," said Mohinder Shergill, who also lives nearby and heard about what happened from another neighbour.

"Usually, my kids, we're playing out here ... it feels very scary, these things happening in the daytime in this residential quiet area," he added.

RCMP looking for 3 vehicles

Police believe the people involved in the incident are known to each other and that the incident may be linked to gang conflict in the Lower Mainland.

The investigation is ongoing and investigators are looking for the other individuals and the following vehicles: 

  • A red Dodge Caravan.
  • A black Volkswagen Jetta.
  • A burgundy Honda Accord.
Video of the incident shot from another angle shows a red Dodge Caravan with at least three people jumping out and running toward the crash scene. (Supplied)

An RCMP statement said initial reports indicated shots had been fired in the incident, but police confirmed that no shots were fired.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 or Crime Stoppers if they wish to remain anonymous.

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