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Mother of 15-year-old beaten by teens in Surrey thankful for community support

An anti-bullying rally took place Sunday after a 15-year-old girl was attacked by a group of teenage girls outside her school in Surrey.

"It just gives me hope that she can get through this," says the victim's mother

A rally was held Sunday May 15, 2022 in support of a 15-year-old who was attacked in Surrey. (CBC)

WARNING: This article contains details of violence.

The mother of a 15-year-old girl injured in an attack by a group of teenage girls in Surrey says she is thankful for the support her family has received. 

The mother attended a rally Sunday in response to the assault, which took place at Hillcrest Elementary School on the evening of May 7.

Vehicles decorated in pink with signs saying "stand up to bullying" and "love not hate" drove through Cloverdale to show support for the victim, who was bruised and beaten in an attack that RCMP described as "extremely disturbing." 

The victim's mother, who CBC News is not identifying as the incident involves minors, says she is grateful for the support.

"My daughter suffers from mental health and tried to take her own life last year for being bullied and we just got through that and now we have this to get through," she said. "I have enough support, enough people to reach out to. All I can do is just hope she gets through this."

Blurred images taken from a video posted online show an attack against a teen in Surrey on the night of Saturday, May 7, 2022. A group of girls chased and cornered the victim against a fence at Hillcrest Elementary School. (Facebook)

Video of the attack was recorded and posted online. It shows several teen girls yelling at one girl who is bleeding from her face.

The group swears at her and chases her, before cornering her against a chain link fence. She's made to kiss the shoes of her attackers, while apologizing profusely for something — it's not clear what.

'It's somebody's loved one'

Sunday's anti-bullying rally was organized by B.C. Whiskey Wizards, a local group composed of men seeking to end the stigma around mental health. Spokesperson Thomas Smith said in addition to a convoy, organizers stopped by the teen's home to drop off gifts to let her know she is not alone.

Brian Tuccori also attended the event as part of Bikers Against Bullying.

"People come out and support a cause like this because everybody feels it, it hits home," he said. "It's somebody's loved one, somebody's kid. I got two little girls myself and I would hate to have to be in a position like this."

RCMP are investigating the incident and charges are being considered. 

The rally comes amid other teen swarming incidents across the Lower Mainland.

Vancouver police said investigators are looking into at least four separate, and likely unconnected cases going back to March.

Police say if you or anyone you know is targeted to contact them immediately.

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