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Surrey shooting leads to crash

Another shooting in Surrey, B.C., resulted in a car crash early Thursday morning near 121 Street and 68 Avenue, according to RCMP.

A grey sedan crashed into a wall at 121 Street and 68 Avenue after someone shot at it

A car crashed into the rock section of a wall at 121 Street and 68 Avenue in Surrey, where RCMP are investigating reports of shots fired. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Another shooting in Surrey, B.C., resulted in a car crash early Thursday morning, according to RCMP.

Police say they can't confirm whether or not the shooting was related to a recent string of gang-related crime in Surrey. 

"We're still speaking to all the witnesses and the driver," said Surrey RCMP Staff Sgt. Murray Hedderson. "At this point we can't say one way or another."

Police say the gun fire was reported around 2:25 a.m. PT.

Witnesses told police the shots came from a gold car that pulled up to a grey car stopped at an intersection on 124 Street at 68 Avenue.

"The gunshots were clear," said nearby resident Gurdawar Dhami. "It sounded like a high-powered pistol."

The gold car then chased after the grey car, which crashed into the rock post of a wall at the intersection of 121 Street and 68 Avenue.

Then the occupants of the gold car continued to shoot at the occupant of the grey car, who fled on foot. The gold car drove off before police arrived. 

No one was injured, according to police.

Hedderson said the driver of the grey vehicle is a resident of Surrey in his 20s who is known to police.

Surrey R.C.M.P. are asking anyone who witnessed the incident or observed the gold coloured car to call the Surrey RCMP at 604-599-0502 or to call Crime Stoppers.seeking the public's assistance. 

"We're very concerned about public safety in regards to these types of incidents happening," said Hedderson. 

With files from Rafferty Baker