British Columbia

Escort clients being drugged, robbed, warns Surrey RCMP

Surrey RCMP are urging caution to anyone using escort services after receiving multiple reports of people being drugged and robbed after a meet-up.

Police are warning the public after several incidents were reported

A close up picture of an RCMP shoulder badge.
Surrey RCMP are warning the public about a series of incidents where people using escort services were drugged and robbed. (CBC)

Surrey RCMP sent out a warning to the public Friday, saying several individuals have been drugged and robbed while using escort services throughout the region. 

"Police have become aware of several instances of individuals hiring an escort online, meeting at pre-arranged locations across the Lower Mainland, being drugged and waking up to find their valuables stolen," reads an RCMP statement.

RCMP say they're concerned about these incidents because of the health and safety risk to people who are drugged with unknown substances.

"Any encounters that involve meeting up with unknown individuals that take place behind closed doors brings about inherent risk to all parties involved," the statement said.

Police say if you do decide to meet with someone you don't know there are a few precautions you should take:

  • Keep your eyes on all food and drinks you consume at all times to make sure they haven't been spiked.
  • Don't take anything given to you by the other person.
  • Avoid consuming drugs or alcohol as they can impair your ability to keep yourself safe.
  • Tell a trusted friend or family member where you are so they can contact police if you don't check in with them by a pre-arranged time.

Police believe there are likely other victims who are reluctant to report what happened to police.

Surrey RCMP is encouraging anyone who has experienced anything similar to get in touch with their local police.