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Surrey RCMP investigating possible 'swatting' incident

Police are investigating after a report of a man shot early Friday morning in Surrey, B.C. turned out to be an apparent 'swatting' incident.

Police say a family with young children was woken up after a fake call about a violent home invasion

A dog handler with Surrey RCMP returns his police service dog to the truck in this file photo. (Rafferty Baker/CBC)

Police are investigating after a report of a man shot early Friday morning in Surrey, B.C. turned out to be an apparent 'swatting' incident,

Swatting is the term used to describe incidents in which false reports of serious emergencies are called in to authorities, triggering a swift and significant response.

The unsuspecting victims are often left dumbfounded by the sudden overwhelming police presence.

The latest incident happened just after 2 a.m. PT in the 12800-block of 68A Avenue.

Police said a male caller, who was redirected from the Vancouver Police Department, claimed a gunman had broken into his home, shot his father, and was still in the house.

When Surrey RCMP arrived at the home, they found a family with two young children woken up by the sudden commotion. Police said no victim, or assailant was found, and the call appears to have been false.

An official with Surrey RCMP said the family was shocked and confused. He said it was fortunate that they answered the door, before tactical-gear-clad officers kicked it down.

Surrey RCMP responded with more than 10 cruisers, including a K-9 unit. B.C. Ambulance sent two ambulances, as well as a supervisor, and the Surrey Fire Service sent a truck with two firefighters.

The incident left officials with all three organizations shaking their heads at the wasted resources and the stress such hoaxes cause for victims.


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