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Surrey man lucky to be alive celebrates first Father's Day with son at home

After spending six months in hospital, Jonathan Sedman man gets to celebrate his first father's day at home with his son.

Jonathan Sedman was in critical condition after he was pinned by a race car. His son was born the same night

Jonathan Sedman holds eight-month old son Kayden. It's Sedman's first Father's Day and he's happy to be at home with his family. (Jonathan Sedman)

After spending six months in hospital, Jonathan Sedman gets to celebrate his first Father's Day at home with his son.

"Glad that I'm out and not having to spend much more time in the hospital," said Sedman from his Surrey home while holding his eight-month old boy, Kayden.

"We did Christmas in the hospital, and that was tough." 

Sedman was in critical condition after a horrific accident last September on Vancouver Island. He was preparing a fireworks display at the Saratoga Speedway Racetrack when a car lost control, flipped and pinned him underneath. 

The force of the impact shattered Sedman's pelvis, broke his hip, ruptured his bladder, cracked his ribs and caused his brain to bleed. He is still undergoing physiotherapy and various medical appointments, has nerve damage on his legs and wears a leg brace. 

Jonathan Sedman was listed in critical condition at Vancouver General Hospital. The Surrey man was hit and pinned by a race car that went out of control at Saratoga Speedway on Vancouver Island in September 2018. (Jennifer Sedman)

After hearing the news, his girlfriend, Christa Meisnner went into early labour and gave birth to the couple's first child a month early. 

"It was such a crazy time. I don't even remember, " said Meisnner. 

Baby Kayden came a month early on Sept. 30, 2018. His mother went into labour as she awaited word about her husband, Jonathan Sedman, who was critically injured in an accident on Vancouver Island. (Jennifer Stedman)

Sedman was so heavily sedated that he didn't know he was a father until days later. He says he was in and out of what felt like a dream.

"Your brain starts going, maybe I am hurt, maybe they just want to keep dad alive until baby comes, if I'm that hurt, just pull the plug guys, pull the plug, " he recalls. 

When he came out of sedation, he learned that his son was born but he wasn't able to hold him for another two weeks.

"It felt awesome. I wish I was there for the birth. At least he is healthy and everything was good," he said. 

Jonathan Sedman son was born the night of his accident but he couldn't hold him until two weeks after. 0:21

The road to recovery has been long and difficult. But Sedman says coming home to his son and girlfriend kept him motivated to get better.

Jonathan Sedman describes how happy he is to spend his first Father's Day at home after spending 6 months in the hospital. 0:23

"Missed a lot of the first things when he was young...Oh, he's starting to do this and starting to do that and it was like oh, I'm missing this and I want to be there for that," he said. 

But he won't miss his first Father's Day. 

At first, Sedman couldn't hold his son. He had to put him in a basket and carry the baby on his walker. He is now able to hold him in his arms and walk. (Jonathan Sedman)

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