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Motorcyclists ride through Surrey protesting crime, drugs

“Other neighbourhoods, communities are safe, there’s not much violence. But why is this in Surrey?” asks an organizer of the Sikh Motorcycle Club. Club members rode through the city to "wake up" city hall and the RCMP.

Riders with Sikh Motorcycle Club want city hall and the RCMP to 'wake up,' tackle crime

Riders with Sikh Motorcycle Club rode through Surrey Wednesday to protest crime and drugs in the community. (Joshua McLean/CBC)

Dozens of motorcyclists staged a protest ride through Surrey Wednesday with a message for the RCMP and city hall: save our kids.

Sikh Motorcycle Club organizer Azad Sidhu says gang violence and drugs in the community have him worried about the safety of his university-aged son, and he's not the only one.

"We don't feel that the kids are protected at all, they're not safe and more needs to be done," Sidhu told On The Coast guest host Michelle Eliot.

He said there have been forums in the community and many have participated, but he's seen no positive outcome.

"This is basically another means of protest we're doing. We want to wake up city council and we want police to do strict measures to take care of this."

Sidhu says no parent "raises their kid to become a drug dealer," but they also can't watch them all hours of the day to make sure they're not falling in with the wrong crowd.

Motorcyclists followed this truck which bore a sign for city council and the RCMP. (Joshua McLean/CBC)

Since drugs and guns are coming in from outside the community, he wants police to do something to crack down on those threats.

"Other neighbourhoods, communities are safe, there's not much violence. But why is this in Surrey?"

Sidhu says it's not just young people he's concerned for as shootings become more brazen.

"When … anyone goes out to have a cup of tea at Tim Hortons or somewhere else, you don't want that bullet flying and hitting their head," he said. "Broad daylight, people shoot guns and they're nowhere to be found."

Last week saw several shooting take place in Surrey in quick succession.

Councillor Tom Gill called the spate of shootings an "anomaly," but said there is no doubt they were tied to gang activity.

Last Thursday, Mayor Linda Hepner said police would be keeping a close watch on people believed to be involved in the drug trade.

"If you're jaywalking, we're going to call you on it," Hepner said.

Riders with Sikh Motorcycle Club finished their ride by taking their concerns to the Surrey RCMP. (Joshua McLean/CBC)

Listen to the full interview with Azad Sidhu:

With files from Jesse Johnston and CBC Radio One's On The Coast