British Columbia

Surrey Creep Catcher Ryan Laforge sentenced for pair of assaults

Self-proclaimed Creep Catcher Ryan Laforge has been sentenced to one year probation for two 2017 assaults.

Laforge was charged after 2 Creep Catcher confrontations in April 2017

Ryan Laforge pleaded guilty to assault in provincial court on Monday. (CBC News)

Self-proclaimed Surrey Creep Catcher Ryan Laforge has pleaded guilty to two charges of assault linked to stings conducted by the vigilante group last year.

LaForge was sentenced on Monday in Surrey Provincial court to 12 months probation and given a conditional discharge, meaning he will serve no time in jail. Two other charges of uttering threats and breach of undertaking were stayed.

One of the assault charges was laid after an April 3, 2017 incident when Laforge was arrested at the scene of a Creep Catcher confrontation with a man the group claimed was soliciting a six-year-old girl for sex.

Ryan Laforge, left, was arrested on suspicion of assault on Apr. 3, 2017. (Surrey Creep Catchers/Facebook)

Then, on April 19, police were called to a sting on the same block. RCMP said at the time that Laforge fled the scene before officers arrived, but an investigation resulted in a second assault charge.

A second man from the group, Lance Loy, 37, was also arrested at the April 19  incident and pleaded guilty to assault last week. He was also given a conditional discharge and one year probation.