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Supermoon lunar eclipse: How best to view it in Vancouver

Whether you're a veteran sky-watcher, or a newbie who wants to say they saw it in their lifetime, tonight's night show is not to be missed.

Once in a lifetime chance to see rare solar event

The various stages of Sunday's supermoon event. (NASA)

Whether you're a veteran sky-watcher, or a newbie who wants to say they saw it in their lifetime, tonight's show is not to be missed.

A rare 'Supermoon Eclipse' will grace the skies this weekend and here's how to see the double feature

Vancouver Viewing

Here in B.C., by the time the sun sets and the moon rises the lunar eclipse will have started.

The last time the two celestial events shared the stage was 1982. The next? Not until 2033. (CBC)

The moon will rise at 6:57 p.m. PT with the full eclipse happening between 7:11 p.m. PT. and 8:23 p.m. PT. But not to worry, even though we miss the preliminary crossing of the moon into the Earth's shadow, the total eclipse can still be seen once our moon rises. This is when the moon will appear an orange, rust colour and where 'blood moon' gets its name.

You'll need a clear sight-line to the east and at that point, the moon should be about seven degrees above the horizon. You can use your finger as a marker for one degree and count up from the horizon that way.

What you'll see and when! (CBC)

After 8:23 p.m. PT the Earth's shadow will once again move into view, still a great show as the shadow slowly drifts out of the picture all the way until 10:23 p.m. PT.

Sky Forecast

As for the all-important forecast? High pressure will help to bring us a clear evening for the South Coast.

The skies are looking clear across B.C. on Sunday night. (CBC)

You'll want a jacket, blanket or warm buddy with temperatures dropping down to about 11 C for the show. But that's it! The supermoon lunar eclipse is best viewed with the naked eye. Just look east. 

If you are unable to get out and enjoy the spectacle in person — NASA will be streaming the event live.

Good luck and enjoy!


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