British Columbia

Sudden storm in New Westminster prompts safety warning

A sudden storm complete with hail, thunder and lightning left the streets of New Westminster slick Friday afternoon.

The roads were slick in New Westminster after hail and rain pelted the city

A sudden storm brought hail, rain and lightning to New Westminster Friday afternoon. (@604kev/Twitter)

New Westminster Police are warning people to be careful on the streets after a sudden storm hit the city Friday afternoon. 

According to CBC Meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe, the deluge of rain, thunder, lighting, and hail occurred after a few storm cells developed over New Westminster.

One of the lightning strikes caused a massive power surge in the city stalling a train car in the Gateway Station. It effectively delayed train service for close to an hour until crews were able to remove the train from the track. 

Trains are running normally now, but there may still be delays, according to the the transit authority.