British Columbia

Stunning footage of Surrey's Vaisakhi parade captured by drone

"Those different colours, different clothes ... it was amazing," said videgrapher Jaskaran Sandhu. Hundreds of thousands of people could be seen dotting the streets of Surrey.

Videographer Jaskaran Sandhu said it was his first time attending the massive parade

Videographer Jaskaran Sandhu filmed Surrey's Vaisakhi parade from about 50 metres up in the air with a drone to capture the hundreds of thousands who visited. (Skylake Photos/Youtube)

Two videographers have captured Surrey's Vaisakhi parade from a little seen perspective, way up in the air.

Jaskaran Sandhu and a friend flew a drone approximately 50 metres above the ground to film aerial shots of the Vaisakhi parade on Saturday .

His footage shows the record-breaking number of participants — 350,000 according to organizers — dotting the streets, mostly down 128 Street.

"The gathering of people, it's amazing. Those different colours, different clothes ... it was amazing," said Sandhu.

The Surrey resident recently moved from Saskatchewan. He said it was his first time at the parade and wanted to contribute a different view.

"I have my friends, family in India and friends all over in Canada, and they were really happy because it's like a different perspective ... it's really nice."

Sandhu said his drone spent about 30 minutes in the air.

The opening shot of the video shows the most decorated and followed float in the parade — the one carrying Guru Granth Sahib, the holy scriptures for Sikhs.

It was the first time Sandhu's company Skylake Photos has shot such a video, and he said he plans on doing many more after seeing this footage.