6-year-old boy with autism opens 'Superstore' in West Kelowna

Ayden Geary opened Storage Superstore in his parent's garage after he discovered not all stores are open all the time. The six-year-old was diagnosed with autism three years ago.

Shopkeeper Ayden Geary sells 'anything' at Storage Superstore

Six-year-old Ayden Geary displays some of the wares he has for sale at his shop, Storage Superstore, in West Kelowna. (Audrey McKinnon/CBC)

Six-year-old Ayden Geary was headed home after the fireworks on Canada Day when he got the idea to open his own store.

The autistic child was concerned after he realized there were no open signs in many of the shops he passed at night.

His mother, Miranda Geary, told CBC's Audrey McKinnon, that her son's love of open and closed signs, could be one reason why he decided to turn the family garage into his own store.

Ayden is the proud manager of Storage Superstore in West Kelowna, which features a clothing area, a loading bay for deliveries, and a check-out area. He told his mom the store is still in need of a large banner to advertise to customers.

The hours of operation for Storage Superstore's physical location are being determined. Customers can visit the store's Facebook website for hours and to shop online. 

Ayden currently has Christmas decorations, painted rocks and bracelets for sale. 

"It's good to embrace your child's interests as best you can," said Miranda. "Maybe he will be a store owner one day."

As far as Ayden is concerned, he is already a store owner and he plans to sell 'anything' at his business.

Both Ayden, and his younger brother Declan, are autistic. Ayden was diagnosed three years ago, after he began pre-school. His parents discovered early on his obsession with certain things such as street lights, stop signs and train tracks.

"When they have an idea, when they are obsessed with something, it's fun to get them going with it," Miranda explained.

According to Miranda, the only way to relate to Ayden is through whatever he is obsessed with. Right now, that thing is Storage Superstore.

With files from Audrey McKinnon

To hear the full interview with Ayden and Miranda Geary, click on the audio labelled Six-year-old autistic shop keeper.